Sunday, April 1, 2018

2018 March - Dragon Diary

Diary: It's my homework and I need to do it, though I spend no time on it. It will be rough and may never be cleaned up, though I may extract a piece and give it its own post. The goal...just post it.

Quote:  "When the devil tested me, he meant me no harm." JC

3rd - Driving home late from Pokemon Go hunting, I drove up Buchanan Drive and encountered a car that drove towards me on the wrong side of the divided street. We passed each other on the same side of the street and nothing happened. I avatar spook in my body and said, "That was meant to kill me." In the record, the driver was confused and everyone made it safe. 

7th - Josh and I left work for a nearby raid. A female joined us for the raid. In the record, she had no shoulder avatar. She was both the Oakland and the Alameda avatar. She was Encinal.
In the record, the avatar of the day with shoulder avatar, Josh with shoulder avatar and Encinal raided a blue gym. Both Josh and I had energy bubbles while Encinal was a swirling mass of red and blue energy. Scale was about correct for the digital gym to humans with shoulder avatars.
In the record, though she created the cell phone, Encinal gets mysterious calls on the phone.

10th - Out raiding the SF bay trail, when Ibol goes riding by.  My only thought was last time she had blond hair. In the record, she is on guard patrol for me. 

11th - Started laying hands on me while I sleep to heal parts of my body from injuries to my body.

13th - I added the Bart's package, Gray folk, to the bed pond. The bed pond is a lab for me to make items I need. I need to make an avatar suit for both dragon and golem travel. 

17th - Big discussion of the various regions not covered with avatar substitution, Korea, China, other parts of Asia. They will be next.

23rd - While raiding at downtown Santa Cruz, I get mixed up on which color put a Pokemon in which gym. With Red, I decide to attack a blue gym. As soon as enter the gym fight started, my Pokemon was wiped out and the next one also. I barely finish the first gym battle with my third Pokemon. I decided to exit the gym takeover. I open the gym to look and saw that Pokemon I fought was one of mine.
In the record, I swore to never battle a gym Pokemon I just put in with another color. The red avatar, Ubol, stated that she would have not started the gym battle if she was told it was my Blue one.
In the record, the avatar of the day is one inside my body with a shoulder avatar of their choice. When Ibol, Ubol or the Blue Dragon play Pokemon go, they do a view bubble interaction with their face and hands onto my body except without a view bubble. Once touched always touch allows this interaction.
- It was my turn to pick up Ben at UCSC. I did Pokemon Go hunting in the morning, nap, dinner, movie, milkshake, then we head home. As both Ben and I entered Marianne's Ice cream, I noticed a wheelchair homeless person shifted through the trash outside the shop. When we left, I noticed from the car that the same wheelchair homeless person started to cross the street which stopping all lanes of traffic.
In the record, I see that he has no shoulder avatar. His duty was to stop the traffic to wipe any timeline from interfering with our departure.

Me tapping the nut container to undue the golem hold

27th - For the last several weeks, the plastic screw tops of the nut container were difficult to take off, but if you tapped the lid prior to opening, the lid easily came off. For some reason I always tap twice.
In the record, prior to opening, I can see the residue energy of a golem hand on the lid and the container. Tapping the lid reset the container's energy, releasing any extra energy put on the object, which opened easily. This may finally explain why EFT tapping works. This may also work with force thoughts, which I need to look at.

28th - A Mom was in need of help. I needed to track down her schisms. I opened the record and found a scared dog, lost and hidden in a dirt barrier. In the record, I walked towards the dog and let it bite my hand off. I came back to my room and proceed to have my hand come back to me, which brought the dog to my room. The local dog folks took care of the frighten dog. In the record, at the height of the fifth planet, Dog folks were numerous and one with the Orange folks. The dog was found on one of the asteroids.
- I opened the other record and I saw her walked down a cave staircase to a room that is light below. In the record, I see several dead bodies in the dissection lab. I saw her soul still bound dead body float in mid air.

31st - Driving home late from Sacto to Berkeley, a red car zoomed ahead of us and made an engine rev which woke both of Ben and me up.
In the record, the red avatar car was tracking a blue light of sleep induction to our car. Unbeknownst to both Ben and I, we were almost put to sleep in the car while it was moving. That trick has happened several times before.
In the record, I need to travel by other means than human transport to avoid this trap.
- All month long, over and over, I practice the 1st speech to the human race to declare the war against our race is mostly over. It's a force thought from the Imps to test me, though I will be making this speech.
In the record, JC was also tested by the Imps to make sure he did not do the same mistake as the Solar System King. 

- 2018 April 4: grammar

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