Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Once touched, always in touch: ID theft

Quote: "Congrats on the force thought. I never once checked my credit." David the Clueless Wonder

Out of no where, I had an urge to check my credit report. As I almost login to a credit site, I shout out loud, "I don't need to check it. My credit is good." 
In the record, the urge happened several time in 2017. Each time I realized that I did not need to check my credit. From April 2017 to January 2018, someone as me entered my credit report to check it. See the pic below.

Ah, but once touched always in touch applies to these events.

As I sat at my desk in my bedroom, I opened a record of me not checking my credit. I saw folks sitting around a board with my name written on it in a language I do not know how to read. For some reason, they decided to not say my name.
I tilted my head to the right and saw a person standing by the wall in deep wall gazing meditation.
I followed his timeline to Venus which ended in an empty cave. I used my right hand to peel back the phony front room and saw several men and a woman working in the back room. These were the Venusian he talked to for his guidance.
With the Venusians identified, I went to the very small box in the middle of the Void. In a special chamber inside the box, I physically picked up the new and improved black Pandora's box. I twisted and pulled it apart to expose the schisms left to resolve. While I held the box open, my shoulder avatar and I entered to find the next schismed souls to rescue, his Venusians.

In the record, as my avatar and I entered the box I look back and saw a gigantic version of me holding the box open. No I don't quite understand it all, though I can do it. Yes, it is an odd thing to see yourself as a giant. Equally odd is seeing a smaller version of me.

2018 April 5 - Added my record inside of the box
2018 May 12 - Added equally odd size comment
2023 November 12 - changed font, reposted pics

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