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2018 April - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote:  "We are just checking up on our dear brother's project." Bart's Sisters

1st - I go back and save the souls in the dissection hideout.
-  On the first trip, I just bring a white rope I pull out of the swamp lab. I tried to lasso the soul but missed.
- On the second trip, I pull out the black suit of death from the swamp which was given to me by Bart to imitate a dead soul in the hideout. Once the suit is on, I hang from the ceiling with the other dark souls. When the distraction was activated, I gathered all the dark souls with me and escaped.

2nd - At the BAHVN meeting, all three, Blue Dragon, Ibol, and Ubol were there. Also one other person I am not sure of. Both Ibol and Ubol had requests for me to do. But these are real people. What is going on?

4th - I make it up to both Ibol and Ubol and hang out with them for an hour.

14th - As I cross streets to Pokemon Go hunt, I feel the street. If it smooth I feel an evenness. If the street is in need of repair, I feel the grittiness of the cracks and missing parts of the street. In the record, the smooth street had an even energy layer, while the disrepair street had jagged energy spikes as I walked through them. The golems were the avatar of the day and naturally sensed these energy patterns.

15th - Ibol was part of the tag team. I note that her hair was blond this time.
- The avatar of the day with shoulder avatar was shopping at Andronicos. Two shopping carts were jammed together and I decide to separate them. Then three males out of no where come by to help me. In the record, The male Oort avatars, a.k.a. Earth whales, were a little over protective of their females in my body. Just give them time and they will figure it out.
- While hunting, the same black male is watching over me across the street. In the record, the male Oort avatar are being over protective and quite obvious, which shows their love for their people.
- Another Pokemon Go community 3 hour event. I throw balls and spin stop for the three hours and only manage one "wonder" Pokemon. When I did the event in March on the SF bay trails, I collected several "wonders" and three perfect "wonders".  In the record, the human avatar of Solano ensured my safety but let the game decide what I catch. The marsh avatar on the Bay trail manipulated the game for generous results.

 16th - The avatar of the day goes to the hardware store to purchase a star bit for work. While deciding what bit to purchase, a female customer had the store clerk pick the exact same bit I need to purchase. I asked the clerk what bit that was. In the end I purchase an assortment of star bits. In the record, an Oort Mom wanted to help her daughter, the avatar of the day, get the correct bit since she left work not knowing which one to get. They did not purchase the single bit but got the assortment. The shoulder avatar had done her homework and saw that she would need different size bits later in the week. The shoulder avatar not to tell the avatar of the day the exact bit to get. The practice of timeline reading is a requirement to be in my body.

18th - I just dropped off to sleep. My soul walked towards the living room tree to answer the dog door passage with two female dog friends. A male burst open the door and I swallowed them as I woke up from the soul tether. In the record, I rotated the record to see how they hijacked the time tunnel to the dog planet. The David that swallowed them was the one that opened and closed Pandora's box. That David is a box man size.
- In the record, when I turned the record to see the hijacked tunnel. I get an instant surge of energy. Folks from the Dog planet and Earth both wanted to see it which created the surge. The surge was them using my eyes to see the event. Yeah, once touched, always in touched applies for all avatars of the day and vice versa for me.

19th - Its time to leave work, but I remind myself that I need to call in for ice cream pickup at Tuckers. I hang up and look to my left and see the "always off" cubicle light on. In the record, the protecting avatar is only required to avatar hack the light until 2 pm.

20th  - The cubicle light was on.

23rd -  The cubicle light was on.
- While Pokemon Go hunting at work, I need to complete my three great throws in a row, which has gone uncompleted for several weeks. Two Whailmers were great tossed caught. I need to throw the last one, but the Whailmer is sitting on the left side making me do a reverse throw. I say out loud, "Are you serious I have to make that throw?" The Whailmer opens its mouth and mentally said, "Yes."  I make the throw to finish the task. In the record, Encinal is the best. I finally finished the task.
- As I sit in the kitchen, I sense a timeline of me run out the door to hitch a ride in the Golem Express.

24th - The cubicle light was on but off midway in the day.

25th - The cubicle light is back to being off. In the record, there was a benefit for me to have more light to read by, but the negative light light up the area for surveillance better.
- For the last several weeks, both of the green plastic food containers with screw tops are a test to see how I can undo them. In the record, avatar catch was changed to a container test versus, holding my foot.
- At work, the avatar of the day can feel David's soul try out the completed avatar travel suit for the Golem Express. In the record, the avatar suit was tested again for Golem travel. A separate post will follow.

26th - The cubicle light was on. I felt a head stress from it being on.

27th -  The cubicle light was on at the start of the day then it was off later.

28th - The new avatars of the day have zero force thought on them. I am not quite sure who they are. Perhaps they will tell me. They were Bart's Sisters.

29th - I go Pokemon Go grinding at the 4 spot across from the Freight Stagecoach theater. A young boy arrived early to the book fair. He looked as though he was in his early teens. In the record, the avatar of the day, Bart's sister, opens the records and does not see him. I open the record with her and then we both see that the young boy, Bart, but he left his boy body for the time that his sisters viewed the record. We can now see him in a digital form just outside of his human body.

- Back at my desk at home, I talked to Bart, a.k.a. our Universe Gray folk
"Okay, I think I am ready for who is before you."
"What do you mean?"
"Who do you come from?"
"There is no one else but us."
"So out of nothing came something?"
"No, we just were."
"So, why create us?"
"Change. I wanted change. And They said go ahead and do it. So I did." 

2018 May 2 - grammar
2018 May 12 added Bart's Sisters for the unknown avatar of the day. 
2018 May 19 added link for Avatar suit
2023 November 26 - change intro and font

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