Saturday, May 19, 2018

Golem Express - Part 2: Travel Suit

 "Thanks for the ax." Porter

The porter crossed the fallen tree to arrive at his camp across the river. While he slept, I exchanged the exoskeleton for an ax he wanted for cutting. I try on the reptilian exoskeleton while I looked in the full-length avatar mirror for the fit. 
In the record, Bart and I were in the DEM lab, a.k.a. my bed, to create a travel suit for both the golem and dragon travels. Materials in the avatar world were gathered for the suit creation.

In the avatar mirror, I saw through the clear lens while the rest of the exoskeleton draped over my back.
In the record, the force of the golem push to propel me a mile a second would stain my spine. Also, I need the umbrella to stop from face planting when I land back on the surface due to the spring force of the brown Earth energy.

While at the lab's edge, Bart quizzed me on the appropriate material for a leg brace. I choose black Earth for a stiff leg clamp.
In the record, the pull of the brown Earth energy at high elevation would strain my legs.

In the record, the only reason I could even possible do the golem express is because I had gone through the second coming which allowed me to have layers of avatars placed over me to survive the strains of fast travel.

2020 December 13 - font, grammar. This was an emergency suit. Thanks Bart.
2023 November 26 - changed font
2024 May 3 - reposted pics

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