Saturday, June 2, 2018

Council of Well Being: Bloodletting

Medieval Bloodletting Yoga Mat

Quote: "We are glad to be the healers of the human race." Doctor Loyd, Mars Physician

I was sitting at my desk and said, "Ow!"
I felt a very sharp pain in my eye as if someone put a needle in it.
I got up and looked in the mirror and saw blood in my conjunctiva, the white part of my eye.
In the record, it's time for my visit from the Mars physician from the Council of Well Being. He was glad he found me, Dr. Loyd said, "This may sting a little." as he inserted of avatar needle into my eye. This procedure happened multiple times throughout my life.

In the record, the easy way to avoid this procedure is to donate blood on a regular interval.
In the record, it feels exactly like a needle being inserted in your eye. "Ow!"
In the record, this explained my father's fear of needles. The prospect of a needle put in your eye many times throughout your life would generate a fear of needles even if you were unaware of it. 

Post note:
I am not sure what address to put in for this post. I finally typed my address and changed the address to the Council of Well Being, Mars. I hit the return key and heard a door being created behind me. The council now have direct access to my bedroom.

2018 June 2 - post title and spacing deletion
2023 October 29 - reposted pic

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