Sunday, July 15, 2018

2018 June - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

Quote:  "We have faith in Ibol and David to bring forth a new world for all races. " Ibol's Father and Mother.

Since May - My driving style has changed. Fast out of the gate on lights. Other humans who are in the car experience car sickness. In the record, the driving changed to accommodate the new speed of the golem express.

2nd - The Orange planet queens are the avatar of the day for the week. A schism side of the Orange planet was placed over Mars. Every since, turmoil reined on the Mars planet and its people. The queens can change into wraith when upset. In the record, extreme anger and wraith are the same. In a physical body the affects of the emotion were tempered, while in pure energy form the emotion was all encompassing.

Raid party at Oak where BlueDragon got a shiny Ho-Oh.

3rd -  The Ho-Oh raid party was very odd. Both Jason and I went to two raids at the Oaks and the church. We were the only humans there, though five other folks were raiding with us. This will be its own post. 

4th - The avatar of the day always had a shoulder avatar. This time the shoulder avatar lost it, and was sent away to recover. In the record, the wraith was chained to the ship cabin until she calmed down.
- Shopping at Sur La Table, Ibol an on guard with two others. When I got close to Ibol the shoulder avatar started to turn angry. Immediately, Ibol left the building.
- At the BAHVN meeting, Bart showed up late and left early. In the record, Bart wanted me to continue going to the meeting. He said that he was a producer and sponsor. In the record, Bart knew that I found out from the raid on Sunday, the 3rd, that Box man is a program.

6th - I talked to Susan, and the avatar of the day had a slight wraith issue.

11th - At the BAHVN meet, I no longer need to open records. As they talk, I saw the records behind the story. In the record, I was not sure why. Perhaps it was because the Mercury librarian were avatar of the days. I should look at the but I feel like I am running out of time.  In the record, I have all of time.

14th - At massage, I mentally talked to the therapist's avatar. After a certain technique was finished, he said, "Hello sunshine." In the record, the therapist has rejoined my soul's lower right leg to the rest of the body. The soul is ready.
- At game night, Jason asked, "How old are you?"
I replied, "What year is this?"
Jason stated, "How is that possible?"
Jeni quickly replied, "2018".
 I calculated my age to answer his question. In the record, going in and out of my body created a non-linear timeline for my soul versus my body. It's very confusing at time.

16th - I woke up and I am in my body.  All day I was in my body. I took it as an omen that the golem express would happen tomorrow. I had forgotten how to fall asleep in my body. As I tried to sleep on my side, I felt Ibol, my avatar, come down behind me and nest with me.

17th -  At 10 a.m., I was in the backyard with my hands and the umbrella and nothing happened. In the record, I thought I am truly delusional.
In the record, there were other mechanics I had not figured out. Good lesson in understanding that there was no magic. In the record, my attitude would had never permitted the timeline to succeed.
- The teen female avatar at the house had the rest of the week as avatars of the week. 
- Boys at the Andronicos had scooters in the store. When I left, they came up to me and told me to listen to their music on the Ipod. When I listened the music had no direction it was just around me. In the record, the boys were avatar teens from the house. Their scooters lacked a mechanical hinge to fold. Music I heard was played at the bed of the avatar of the day, therefore no direction. When you are the avatar of the day, you rest in a bed while a part of you takes over my body.

27th - The S&C CEO gave a speech on equality at work and the avatar of the day cried. In the record, though humans have short life spans, their accomplishments are great.

28th - I need to learn timelines for the golem express. I had the travel suit that allowed me to survive the express. I need to practice and understand how to make a stand. The timeline seems the simplest. I have to imagine my entire trip and all four of us, golem with shoulder transport avatar and me with my shoulder avatar, need to be synchronized for safe travel. In the record, Time Maidens become the avatars of the week. And I have no ideal what they do. I need to do a post before the express can happen.

29th - I noticed that certain people cough around me. Does Pandora box work make me toxic or is it the avatars of the day? I don't know. I have no time to figure it out. No, it's the box. In the record, if you are still schism and we meet, you will have a difficult time around me.

30th - I finally meet Ibol's father. In the record, I had no ideal who her parents were or if she had parents. I guess we need to talk.

Note: My online pic changed to the BlueDragon to make the four Pokemon Go accounts easier to identify.

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