Thursday, June 28, 2018

Earth Energy: Bicycle Riding

Quote: "The first bicyclist needed our help to make the stilts. The pedals were very high off the ground." Transport Mum
I was young and nervous but determined. With my left foot on the ground I launched the bicycle and me. I wobbled and fell to my left side. Again I try and fell to the left. This time I use both feet to launch and I succeeded and rode the bike.

In the record, I needed to make brown Earth stilts to ride the bike. With the right foot up on the pedal, there was no brown Earth energy connecting my right foot. So when I tried to ride I went to the left because my body wanted to rejoin the Earth. When I launched with both feet, I dragged Earth matter up with both feet from the ground which allowed me to ride the bike.

In the record, I needed to figure out how to stand a pencil on end. In order to do that I needed to understand Earth gravity, a.k.a brown Earth matter.

In the record, I guess anyone who has ridden a bicycle can use foot tall Earth stilts. You just have to convince yourself that they are there.

2019 May 2 - grammar on title 
2019 June 15 - Separated what is dark energy versus dark matter.  
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