Friday, July 27, 2018

Golem Express: Check Off List

Check off list.

Quote:  "Making a list. Checking it twice. Going to find out if he is ready or not." Box Man

I made a list to keep track of Golem Express issues that need to be resolved before it can work.
- Calculate speed of express - 1 sec per mile
- Acceleration simulation - fast take off in the car - on going
- Travel suit to sustain speed force - done with Bart at the bed lab
- Transport stand - change to red energy which was shared by travel companions to be made at the bed lab bench. - done
- Practice stand hover - not done yet. Still need to make it. When I do it, I will take off immediately afterward to avoid corrupt timelines.
I know I need to make the stand in the lab, but I need to practice hovering with it.
- Practice run via timeline - work in process. Many timeline show and go. Trying to figure out what it means.
- Timeline hijack - avoid by crashing at the new site. This still worries me.
- Do origin story of my hands - work in process. Down to only 13 females. I had to throw out all of the males. So many races are corrupt.
- Defense against attacks via throat chakra - use many hands, done
- Timeline post, need to understand what a timeline is - work in process
- Practice speech - wip
- Notification of military not to shot me - no
- Locate local news to prep DC site - golem task
- Convince fire maiden not to ignite me on transit -done
- How long do I wait? before the election - done, which election is not clear
- Reconcile the different aspects of me, the human soul and the BroSis. - NA
- Got the okay for the golem to catch at the other end.  No need to crash now. - done 
- all extraneous timeline have stopped. Now possible to have only timeline. - done

In the record, I'm too worried about the trip. The message is the one most will find hard to understand. I just need to do it and not worry.
In the record, I had not understood what the extra timeline meant. It seem that for the first flight, there can only be one timeline.

Bart will call the time of departure, I have to be ready to go.
In the record, there was a lot of extraneous timeline and thought forms which were meant to mislead. I will do it, but just not yet. For now, I am calm.

Mind you, the list keeps growing.
2018 July 30 - added hands defense and acceleration
2018 August 18 - added more on timeline and stand
2018 September 5 - added how, fire maidens, others
2018 September 26 - added reconcile
2018 October 21 - when and catch
2018 October 23,24 - added"in the record"
2018 October 28 - added calm
2021 February 7 - Apparently, this was a diversion for the orange man. I am still allowed to do it especially since I now have a golem staff, though only for an emergency. No practice. Just go. 
2023 November 26 - changed font

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