Sunday, August 19, 2018

2018 July - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

Quote:  "Though most of the males are corrupt, we still love them." Celestial Maidens

Overall - I yawn stretch often, which I had not done previously. In the record, the elongation of the body helped the avatar of the week energy fit better in my physical body.

1st - Gravity avatars are here. They seem to think that I need to make a disk with a handle. I had vision of a heart shape disk made of red energy. It's a common energy that I had shared with all the female avatars, golems and dragons.

12th - The God of War came to game night to teach us a new game. In the record, the game wiz has had several different people in and out of his body. No one suspected, but I knew since it is a trick I do.

Jim Henson falling with six strawberry short cakes.

13th - Doubt. I can't have doubt to start the golem express, much less travel along a timeline with three others. Those who will be traveling in me will be Ubol, Ibol, and Ibol as the shoulder avatar.
- Ibol was worried that the timeline of the golem express could be hijacked. The solution, punctuate the end of the timeline to ensure it is unique, a.k.a. I have to crash at the end. In time, it will not be necessary, until then my landings should be hilarious. 

4 device raid board for Pokemon Go. 3 devices off a phone via a WiFi hotspot powered by two battery packs.

14th - I finished the 4 device raid board. Between Jason's 2 accounts, Josh, and my 4 accounts we can now do Pokemon Go raids on our own. In the record, this was necessary to avoid the previous odd raid parties, though I know they were trying to help out.

15th - For some reason, I need to look at my birth. 
In the record, I need to know who my avatar is. For some reason it has been rumored that I was born without an avatar's remnants.
In the record, I was born with a place holder for the schism put there by Bart, and no remnant. Ibol reluctantly, took on my case since her other human died an early death. We where born at the same time, one to to be sacrificed.
- Ibol's parents were released from their schism. That is why I was able to finally talk to them. In the record, I still felt a slight throat chakra sensation from her parents.

16th - Golems are the avatar of the week. Bowel movements were better. In the record, when an avatar of the week takes over my body which included pooping. Earth energy beings are a good match in my body for solid poops. I know...MTIWTK.
- They saw a past record a year ago of a deja vu. In the record, it's not uncommon for the weekly avatars to rummage through my past records. A deja vu is good, which means you are on track for your intended timeline.

17th - Tread Marks online tank game is practice in timelines. In the record, the more they play the easier the timeline will be to navigate in the golem express.

21st - All urgency of the golem express stopped. 
In the record, I saw fragments of stand records all around me made of red energy. It colored the avatar of the week's insight. In the end, I have to want to do this. It can't be the desires of others. So far, things are still okay thanks to Donny.
- The Mercury Maiden are here all week. They are old. The males are ancient. Again, emotional urgency stopped. They were excellent at retrieving dream records.

26th - The maidens need to work with emotions, which are new to them.
- Got attacked via the throat chakra during the electrical class at work. In the record, I had to leave class. The energy is oppose of yours. You want to cough until it goes away.

27th - Trained again with the golem express team.
- I attend my haircut as a trap for the throat chakra attack. Many hands came to my rescue.

30th - The Appalachian golem maidens are the avatar of the week. Lots of female flesh bodies at all my stops going home, even at the driveway. 

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