Friday, November 2, 2018

2018 September - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote:  "We will follow David to the ends of all worlds to protect him." Pele

1st - Ibol's daughter are here this week.

4th - The neighbors dog was over for game night. She was shaking in fear with a speed up heart beat. In the end, they had to take her back to their house. This happened last Tuesday when she was here, but she stayed.
In the record, the fire maiden were still here. The dog is very perceptive of the existence of the fire maidens in my flat. They will wrap their visit this week so she can be here in comfort.
Note: I should do a post on what the dog saw since I would have access to those records. 

5th - "We are no better than the other avatars. We readily think about our own needs versus the needs of the human body." Ibol's daughters as the avatars of the week.

7th - The digital world of Pokemon was ripe with emotions that many could barely handle. In the record, emotion are important for inspiration which leads to creativity.

8th - The avatar of the day lost it with the raids today with a friend.
- The neighbors dog was back today and still afraid. When I drew a line on its back to the  tail, she shook and sneezed.
In the record, the memory of the fire maidens was still on its energy bubble. A sneeze will reset the energy fields.

10th - The neighbors dog was put down. As I stand in my living room, I summoned the dog to come over into my body. He looked around and saw the fire that were still here. He left my body and proceeded to pee the fires out.
In the record, my body is flames which me unaware of heat in the surrounding area.
- At work, the avatar of the day sat down and looked for the short pencils that should be out.  They saw no pencils, ten minutes later one appeared out of nowhere, then a minute later the other one appeared.
In the record, force thought illusion was successful.

12th - Noticed that one precancerous spot was now healed. In the record, the fire maidens had a hand, or perhaps a finger on the spot to cure it. I need to do the other spots.

14th - The avatar of the day should only be helpful to their human. It's the platinum rule, treat others how you would like to be treated.

15th - The avatars or the week are Many Hands maidens.
- Fake door handle noise on the toilet. In the record, sound projection was practiced.

16th - Something is not right in the world of Pokemon. In the record, the introductions of emotions took its toll.

17th - The avatar of the day was given thought suggestions to purchase the incorrect item at the store. In the record, the shoulder avatar read the true line and purchase the correct item for now and the future timeline.
- Lots of females with large sunglasses and a cat. In the record, the Many Hands were out and about in flesh bodies. Again, eyes are hard to do.
- Breath hiccups at BAHVN meeting. In the record, several waves came through.

19th - I had breath hiccups at the BAHVN committee meeting. In the record, that place is not safe. I sat at the table so I could view the front door. There was an assaulted until the energy bank kicked in.

21st - The avatar for FPL introduced themselves to me at work. In the record, having connections with the creator of Electricity, a.k.a. Lightning, has its perks.

The Hawaiians took the digital form of a Jynx Pokemon to guard the Berkeley square.

22nd - I, the avatar of the day, started to have a leg calf cram, they quickly put my foot by a tree and started to draw in extra Gaia energy into my body. It worked.
- The Hawaiian folks were on guard at the Berkeley city park for the event. Lots of Jynx Pokemon appeared out of no where. The minute the event was over, they all changed to Electrabuzz, the digital creator, Lightning, form in the digital world.

26th - I am the problem now. You see, my origin is a Bro-Sis. That aspect of my is a coward for just reasons. But in order to do the golem express, there is no room for doubt.
In the record, since the event in the black hole I had suspected an aspect of me who does not understand what it is to be human. For the last two game nights, I, the BroSis was present being a kid as he should be, playing game with the neighbors, game wiz and older 
- The force thought of the urgency, a.k.a. golem express, is gone. Thanks goodness.

29th - Kamapua'a was the manager of the Hawaiian goddess when they were the avatars of the week. 
2023 November 26 - changed font and intro

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