Saturday, December 1, 2018

2018 October - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 
Quote: "He may know most of it, but not quite." Bart

1st to 17th - The GBS are the avatars of the day. They are will be in me for the duration of the trip across country.

8th -  I am raiding Mewtwo out by the Veteran's Mermorial in St. Charles, MO. A young man with a brand new bike sat down by me and started to talk to me.
"I was kicked out of the last raid. Luckily I got back in."
Then Bart talked to me about the number one Pokemon Go player was kicked out because he tried to make money off the game.
"Aren't you bothered by the misquitoe?"
"They don't bother me at all."
At that point I had to leave because I was under siege by mosquitoes.
In the record, Bart foresaw the Avatars of the days contemplate making money off the game.
In the record, that was Bart talking to me. So here is the thing, in all his avatar appearances they all revolved around Pokemon Go. I have a feeling that the game is more important than I or humanity knows.
In the record, I want the program code for immunity to mosquitoes just like Bart did prior to the creation off his flesh body.

20th - The avatars of the week are Storm Maidens.

27th -  The avatars of the week are American State Dragons.

31st - Bart and I do a solo raid at the Cragmont Park Beautiful Portal. In the record, we both need to know if Queen Pikachu had control over her fellow Pokemon. 
2023 November 23 - changed font and intro

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