Saturday, December 8, 2018

Golem Council - Respect all Life on Earth

The adventures agree to assembly a round table to take control of their lives. 

 Quote: "Care and attention to all details is necessary for a successful event." Priscilla, Golem Mum

In early November, the air quality in the Bay Area was unbreathable. I hide inside and binge-watch both seasons of Log Horizon. The anime is about the humans being trapped inside a MMO game. The adventures, trapped humans, are unorganized, lost, and assume it's still a game. Then one person among the lost decided to create a council of adventures to regain hope for their race.

In the record, after the June 2016 meet up with the golems, the human harm decreased. Though, not all golems were thoughtful of the details. After the last event with many human causalities, it was decided to form a council for better planning.

In the record, as I binge-watched Log Horizon many different races also watched. They realized that without a planning council of their kind, they will continue to harm the human race, the very race they wish to join.

In the record, the female golems were the first to organize. Priscilla, is the current head of the golem council.

In the record, the golem council pulled off another stunner at New Caledonia. Working as a team, the golems, current avatars, reunited souls with shoulder avatars (a.k.a. spirits), and other support group had an event with no humans hurt. See the article below. 

Updated - 2018 December 23, changed show to anime
- 2019 February 2, Since my sighting of Bart, all the races have come to understand that the gray folks are humanoid. They have further incentive to save the human race.

2023 November 26 - changed font

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