Saturday, December 1, 2018

2018 November - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 
Quote: "We, the golem race, need to protect the human race from harm if there is to be peace between the races." Golem council.

3rd - Avatars of the week are American State Dragons

10th - Avatars of the week are inspiration avatars

11th - I started to train someone to read records. In the record, I need to have someone verify what I see.

14th - The BAHVN meeting has ended and I see an invisible Bart get out of the seat off a vacant chair to leave. In the record, I have to do something. Nothing is not an option.

17th - Up late, and my right leg has ache in the knee which disappeared during the day but goes to the left knee. I still don't get it.
- The avatars of the week are Gaia vortices avatars.

18th - saw the golem express stand again.
- Another Pokemon was sent away that interfered with a raid catch.
- Saw a female with sunglasses on on a cloudy day. In the record, flesh body eyes are hard to do.
JC flushed time travel toilet
20th - The avatar of the day watched a comedy skit by Colbert. JC is in the skit and flushed the time travel toilet. I bust out laughing, though it is not me. In the record, JC is developing a sense of humor as he laughed through my body.

21st - The male Gaia vortices avatars are shown the door. In the record, empathy is missing with the males. They attend a class on empathy.

24th - The avatars of the week are Gray maidens. In the record, the females are the children from the previous visit of Gray folks. In the record, the Gray folks of Mars failed to turn the tide. It's our turn now to change everything.

From News of the Day from around the World, SF Chronicle, 11/26/2018

25th - A 6.3 earthquake hit Iran with no lost of lives. In the record, well done. Hopefully the affect dam will survive. The golems understand that the water is needed for the human race in that area.

27th - Every Thursday, we meet to play Dungeons & Dragons, D&D. In the record, in playing D&D you create a record of the adventure. This will be its own post. 

28th - We have narrowed down the influence of the Dark one in the Pokemon Go world.

30th - A 7.0 earthquake hit Anchorage, Alaska with no lives lost. In the record, well done golems. There were many timelines looked at and it was decided to do a daylight event versus a night one.

2018 December 1 - added the 28th  
2018 December 5 - added D&D day
2018 December 23 - grammar 
2023 November 26 - changed font and intro


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