Sunday, November 10, 2019

Planet Transit - A DEM view of our Solar System

"Thanks you David for a better means of transport." Gaia

I did a quick DEM, Dark Energy and Matter, view of the Sun and four planets.
Mercury's transit with the Earth is Monday, November 11th, 2019.
Transits were the means of transport between planets.
When the DEM overlap each other folks can move freely to and from the various locations.
In the Center of DEM on Earth, there are multiple portal hubs to the various planets, moons, and stuff for the various races and folks to journey to and from Earth.
During the transit would be a good time to visit the Mercury library in person, though you can still check out any information via my card.
Don't worry about staying out past the transit with your soul. I made arrangements with the Venusian and Martians that your automatic default will be your body when you wake up.
Have fun soul traveling to Mercury.

In the record, the planet's DEM is the soil for the Solar System Tree. 
In the record, there is a reason why the kicked up Green Earth Energy makes the sound of leaves.

2019 November 11 - grammar  
2023 November 5 - changed font, reposted pic 

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