Sunday, November 24, 2019

Bay Area Guardians - NuStar refinery event

"The Bay Area Guardians are here to protect all life in the Bay Area." Tree Avatar

Explosion and Fire At Crockett Oil Refinery Shuts Down I-80

2019 October 15 - I watched a video of the NuStar fire and wonder if the Golem folks caused the event. No record came up.

2019 October 17 - I read in the SF Chronicle about the NuStar fire:
"Matthew Davis, a spokesman for Solano County, said officials there found no rise in levels of toxicity and particulate matter due to the smoke rising into the upper atmosphere."
All of a sudden, I am in the record of the meeting concerning the upcoming refinery event.

2019 October 12 - All are in attendance at the Bay Area Guardians meeting, BAG. The attendee representatives were Ibol, a golem rep, a boxman chair, a tree rep, a bay water rep, a weather rep, a Martian rep, a fire rep, a Venusian rep, the State rep, and me.

The chair started the meeting:

"Order. Order. By now you all have seen the upcoming refinery event timeline. The question is, "What do we do about it if anything?" I open the floor for discussion."

"You know the humans will blame us for the explosion."

"Why is that? The golem race had nothing to do with it."

"You always thinks everything will just work out."

"Why not?"

"Suppose it does come true and we take our portion of the thief by confiscating all the weapons of the humans. Why would they trust us?"

Like I said, "Safety is number 1." No human can argue against it."

"You...You think it is so simple."

"It is. As you explained so many times, "The human race is the only race on Earth that kills each other. It is an illness that needs to be stopped." I cannot think of any better way to start the recovery then to take the weapons away."

"Rule of order. This is completely off topic. We need to focus on the upcoming event.
Do we let it happen or not?"

"Yes, it needs to happen. The timeline needs a hard finish. We have all the right folks here to avert any harm."

"Yes, we do. We have representative for the refinery avatar, the weather avatar, the fire avatar, the nature avatars and the worker's Venusian avatars. We even have the State avatar here to weigh in on the importance of the event to happen."

"Yes, I need the event to start regulations of rogue site before other events are triggered."

"Alright, all in favor of the event to happen, say Aye."


And what about the golems? Yay or Nay?


"With a unanimous yay vote, we can commence the plan to spare all life, including the humans."

The rest is in the newspapers.

The gate had to be locked to ensure the safety for the first responders. In the record, the first responders avatars had to be included in the planning.  A cursor advisory went out to all Martians and Venusians that they need to stay away and to instruct their humans to abide. The golem race was on the safety of the bystanders and countdown when the fire should appear.

Note: I purposely do not put the name of the speakers by the quote. If read, one should be able to hear the voices of the speakers. It may take several tries, but it should come through as though you are attending the meeting yourself. Also, the several reads I did should reinforce the voices to the dialogue.

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