Sunday, November 3, 2019

2019 October - Dragon Diary & Phillip's Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...
"It time to round up the previous Solar System King and save his soul." David Alan Bartholomew Phillip Hallsted

Overall - I hit my chest with both hands as though I am Tarzan. In the record, you need to ring the bell to clear your energy bubble out.

3rd - It is DnD night, it time for Ubol to play with my older Bro, Uncle Tim and the God of War. While playing, Ubol looks down at my arm and sees her blackish gray arm instead. In the record, I don't know. It's just odd how we are becoming one or it could be the result of the balloon filing. Not sure.

5th - Sitting on the toilet and the final drops of pee hits the basin water. All of a sudden I felt a speck of water hit the outside of my right foot. There was no way the water came out through the toilet and hit my foot. In the record, for some time now, I had experienced mysterious water prick when I drove the car in the rain. I always assumed the water came through the vents. All I knew was that it had the sensation of water, it very small, and it happened when water drops collide with something. 
In the record, the droplet has a small aspect of wiggle energy. When it collided with a physical object, the DEM aspect went through any physical object until it collided with another DEM object, which was my green Earth energy.

6th - I finally meet the Sun Tree person. In the record, Gaia is their avatar form.  
- At the support meeting, my head was on fire. 

7th - My head was on fire. I felt the flames against my head.

8th - Filling the balloon layers is done, though my head is still on fire.

17th - At massage therapy, I once again fell into a sleep though I am awake. The Mandalas portal appears as a white tree with yellow fire. My reactions is, "What's with the mandalas? Is it the decor or your bathroom?" In the record, the door to Pop's folks is now open.

19th - David is out and Phillip is in. In the record, Phillip agreed to do this.
- Both Terra and Climb are good with Phillip.
- I, Phillip, is playing Peanuts, a.k.a. nertz, In the middle of the play, I felt and saw the timelines of card play in real time, when I should play or do solitaire. In the record, Pops folks are timeline walkers, everything the do revolves about timelines.
- I remember sleeping on the couch in the Sacramento living room and suddenly I was there in my body asleep but awake.
I hear Phillip says, "I want to go, there is nothing here for me."
Pops said, "Then go."
Phillips turns to Ibol, "I guess we will see each other soon."
Ibol, "Yes."
In the record,Phillip will be in my body for some time with Ibol as his shoulder avatar.
If I was in my body, it would be my soul with Ibol's daughter as my shoulder avatar.
In the record, I thought it was going to be a switched out, but since I am spending time healing their Moms in my Mom body via my soul, Phillip took over my body to do some body work.

20th - Cooking bacon at the Sacto house. A drop of grease landed on my right big toe and it should have hurt and slightly gone red, but nothing happened. Very odd.

22nd - So some reason I heal quickly. In the record, is a Blue energy which allowed for quick healing. It is really weird to experience. Two to three layers of my skin were taken off 2 hours ago and now they are back.
- These folks regenerate like DnD avatars, Dungeons and Dragons.
It weird to see a scrap heal in real time.
Several layers were taken off and it should have bleed, scabbed, then fallen off in a week.
It all happened in 24 hour cycle looking like new.
Within an hour, there was only a small indent where the event happened, no blood.
Incredible fast, which is nuts.

31st - In the narrow dungeon cave, Ybolsa wielded a two handed great sword and missed twice. She drops the sword, and picked up two one handed axes in each hand. The dungeon monster soon meet its match.
In the record, I heard thoughts in my head that the great sword was too big to wield in the narrow passage way. I need to play the game as thought the people are alive and I am really there.

For sometime now, playing DnD is not a game, but the life of a person who we create in time in space. I can see the caves, the valley, the large trees in the meadows, all aspect of the game. I do not know if they have a soul or a life beyond the game. I do know I need to be a good guide for that person in the life they have in the game.
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