Sunday, December 29, 2019

DEM user: UFO confirmed by US Navy

"David needs to "get off his duff" and start talking to humanity about DEM." Captain Peter, Soul and Spirit catcher.
The 40 foot long craft ascended vertically from 0 to 12,000ft and accelerated away in 2 seconds. Originally seen in 2017.

J.C.'s Crew leader, Peter worked with Gwen to make a catcher boat seen by human kind. Gwen has done many avatar cars and now added floating boats to her resume. Normally the catcher boats are round to leave access for Peter's crew to catch soul and now spirits, shoulder avatars. But Gwen had other ideals of how to make the boat go faster. Also, the boat was covered to ensure no one saw the folks inside the boat.

The catcher boats reside on a ocean of DEM, Dark Energy and Matter, that covers the Earth. Taking on different amounts of DEM increased or decreased the buoyancy of the boat.
The speed of departure is from grabbing multiple wind energy streams. In the record, clouds ride a stream or two for movement.
Gwen refined the stability of the DEM catcher boats to allow hovering at any depth. In the record, stilts were used to sustain a depth away from the battle and allow catching of souls and spirits.

In the record, Peter and his crew are DEM users. 
We am still working on my golem stilts and balloon. I have to stay in my body 24/7 until the balloon is hardened. 
2023 November 5 - changed font, reposted pic

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