Wednesday, December 4, 2019

2019 November - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...  

 "We will fight for David's rights!" Climb

Notes - All last week I keep thinking about the Tevor Noah post.
Low and behold, folks were reading it.
Remember, once touched, always in touch.
If you have questions about any post just ask me mentally. I will try my best to answer them. Or better yet, ask your avatar to ask me. I am good either way.

Overall - My body is fire, my breath is smoke, my eyes burn. In the record, still getting the balloon ready.
- I am burping through the day. Not all the time but enough to relief the balloon pressure.

3rd -  At the golem conference, Climb is seated on stage for the vote to help the human race discover DEM. The vote barely passed.
In the record, I tagged along with Climb attached to her back to listen in.
In the record, Climb is in a quandary about helping me, since so many of her people rather see the human race destroy itself.

4th - At the support meeting, my head is on fire. I have to do deep, slow breathing to get through the meeting.

6th - The GBS are hot all the time while doing the avatar of the day.

9th - Three more people to talk to: Terra,Climb, Queen of the voids
- Terra wanted me to keep my promise. We made a compromise.
- I apologized to Void Queens for my action in the reflection world. In three sessions, my severed soul right leg should be better.
- Climb and I talked. She has yet to decide.

10th - Bowel movement are way off. Need some alignment from the Avatar of the day, though it may not be possible in my current state. 
- My eyes are on fire. Whaaaaa!

11th - My Breath. I feel like a smoker without the cigarettes.

15th - I drive to Sacramento in my body.

16th - I noticed that my heart hurts but in an emotional way.

17th - In Sacramento, I was looking out the kitchen window to the backyard. The Apple tree avatar zoomed to the window to see me. She motioned to me to out back, but she accidentally spoke as I mentally reply back.
"Come out...ooh."
"I will in a minute when I clean the grill. Oh, you spoke."
"So how are the classes. Are you learning?"
"Yes, I am."
"Do you like them."
"I need to finish in here before I go out. See you in a minute."
In the record, the tree race only communicated by images. Now, they can speak human tongue.

- From the SF Chronicle about the NuStar fire:
"Matthew Davis, a spokesman for Solano County, said officials there found no rise in levels of toxicity and particulate matter due to the smoke rising into the upper atmosphere."
In the  record, I remember reading about the fire and wonder if the Golems had done it, but no records came up. The minute I read about the smoke, the record regarding the meeting popped into my memory. See blog post for details.

- Climb final had a good cry in my body to let the hurt out. In the record, the lines have shifted. Avatar of the day is back on.

24th - The other chest feeling I am experiencing maybe the stitches I gave my Mom to help heal the surgery on her sternum. I had not thought about the repercussion of taking some of my green Earth energy and giving it to her. I guess she can take some of my energy to assist her healing.
- Used a date line on top of my timeline to figure out the day of the BAG meeting.

28th - Back in Sacramento, the Apple tree avatar motioned for me to come out again. I meet her outside and two tree avatars gave me kisses on the check. The Apple avatar told me that her friend could not go inside and wanted to see me outside. In the record, The Apple avatar has my mark on her forehead and is permitted in the house barrier at 5408 Siegfried Court.

30th - In Sacramento, Mom is at the kitchen table. She decided to take a rest on her recliner. In the record, her avatar cut my Earth energy stitches I had put on her sternum for additional healing. I was told yesterday that it would happen before I left.

Update:2019 December 6 - grammar 
2023 February 19 - redid the intro for iPhones 
2023 November 5 - changed font, reposted pics

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