Sunday, December 29, 2019

2019 December - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...  

 "All aboard!" Mechanic of the balloon accelerator.

1st - Did another DEM presentation.
- I have agreed to be in my body for the month of December to assimilate to the balloon and body. At the beginning of the year, if I have not taken off, we go back to the avatar of the day.

The Solar System Life Coach is in the office, literally.  Props courtesy of  Amazon box.

2nd - Climb is off doing combat training.

9th - Right after the shower, I recall the record of the meeting with the golems. In the record, the golem race may stop killing the human race, but not allow us to use their powers. I need to meet them half way.

13th - The whiz kids of the flat have made wiggle blades for skating on the Earth's surface.

15th -  While doing Pokemon Go at UCB, I stop on the bridge over Strawberry Creek. I start to feel treads of wiggle energy on my person. I tried to take them off, but could not until I was 20 away from the creek. In the record, I meet the Wiggle Energy avatars.

18th - What was I thinking? The races had been separated for so long. Why would they change now?
In the record, plans to get the human race on the path of DEM are halted.

19th - After I laid down on the massage table, I made the comment that the table seemed more cushioning. The technician said it was the same table.
- All four, Phillip, Ibol, Ubol, and I were locked together.

20th - I need the approval of 5 golem queens before golem stilts are permitted. In the record, walking needs to be the new form of human travel, but you need a golem friend to help.

23rd - The fifth golem mark is now on my forehead. The last was a kiss of love. In the record, the male golems need to step back and let the female golems rule over their lands.

25th - In Sacramento, the tree avatar zoomed in to say "Hi" to me but stopped. Examined me all around and speed away. I later convinced her that it was me.

26th - When I walk barefoot, I feel like I am walking on a cushion.
- Climb inserted the "staff of Love" into me. She had been carrying it for for the trip to Sacramento and back.

27th - I think I am ready...for hardening the balloon.  Oh well...

29th - Cold showers allowed me to be outside in a shirt and shorts while everyone else is bundled. In the record, having different energies flow around my balloon hardened the outside shell.
- The path of DEM is the future of the human and other races on Earth. The path of non-DEM will only lead to the destruction of the human race, which will affect all of the other races. The greatest of the DEMs is love.
- This balloon stuff is trickier than I think. In the record, if a golem can rip apart the Earth, surely they can support a human on their shoulder. More time in my body.  In the record, becaue of the balloon, I will probably be in my body the rest of the time.

31st - So, if the Earth tree is at the magnetic North and all the leaves are the green Earth energy on us, then I guess the humans are the children of the trees.  There you go. We are tree folk. Let me know what you think. 
2023 February 19 - redid the intro for iPhones

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