Sunday, December 29, 2019

2019 December - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...   
The Solar System Life Coach is in the office, literally.  Props courtesy of  Amazon box.

 "All aboard!" Mechanic of the balloon accelerator.

1st - Did another DEM presentation.
The Solar System Life Coach is in the office, literally.  Props courtesy of  Amazon box.- I have agreed to be in my body for the month of December to assimilate to the balloon and body. At the beginning of the year, if I have not taken off, we go back to the avatar of the day.

2nd - Climb is off doing combat training.

9th - Right after the shower, I recall the record of the meeting with the golems. In the record, the golem race may stop killing the human race, but not allow us to use their powers. I need to meet them half way.

13th - The whiz kids of the flat have made wiggle blades for skating on the Earth's surface.

15th -  While doing Pokemon Go at UCB, I stop on the bridge over Strawberry Creek. I start to feel treads of wiggle energy on my person. I tried to take them off, but could not until I was 20 away from the creek. In the record, I meet the Wiggle Energy avatars.

18th - What was I thinking? The races had been separated for so long. Why would they change now?
In the record, plans to get the human race on the path of DEM are halted.

19th - After I laid down on the massage table, I made the comment that the table seemed more cushioning. The technician said it was the same table.
- All four, Phillip, Ibol, Ubol, and I were locked together.

20th - I need the approval of 5 golem queens before golem stilts are permitted. In the record, walking needs to be the new form of human travel, but you need a golem friend to help.

23rd - The fifth golem mark is now on my forehead. The last was a kiss of love. In the record, the male golems need to step back and let the female golems rule over their lands.

25th - In Sacramento, the tree avatar zoomed in to say "Hi" to me but stopped. Examined me all around and speed away. I later convinced her that it was me.

26th - When I walk barefoot, I feel like I am walking on a cushion.
- Climb inserted the "staff of Love" into me. She had been carrying it for for the trip to Sacramento and back.

27th - I think I am ready...for hardening the balloon.  Oh well...

29th - Cold showers allowed me to be outside in a shirt and shorts while everyone else is bundled. In the record, having different energies flow around my balloon hardened the outside shell.
- The path of DEM is the future of the human and other races on Earth. The path of non-DEM will only lead to the destruction of the human race, which will affect all of the other races. The greatest of the DEMs is love.
- This balloon stuff is trickier than I think. In the record, if a golem can rip apart the Earth, surely they can support a human on their shoulder. More time in my body.  In the record, becaue of the balloon, I will probably be in my body the rest of the time.

31st - So, if the Earth tree is at the magnetic North and all the leaves are the green Earth energy on us, then I guess the humans are the children of the trees.  There you go. We are tree folk. Let me know what you think. 
2023 February 19 - redid the intro for iPhones
2023 November 5 - changed font, reposted pics 

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