Monday, October 11, 2021

Cold Showers: Banana or Strawberry Size?

 "The goal is to make it bigger." Ibol

Stock photo from here.

 I will start a series of blog post on the benefits of cold showers. I am not comfortable with the subject of sex, which is probably an offshoot of my Catholic upbringing. I do know folks keep asking so I will try and describe it in a manner that will not get me band. 

Okay all you male folks reading this post, which fruit, banana or strawberry, should a penis be at all times other than during sex.  

Remember I take cold shower. I am clairvoyant and can see Dark Energy & Matter, DEM.

The correct answer is a strawberry.  Yes, a cute little strawberry. Smaller than the ones in the picture above.

So here is why. 

When you take a cold shower, the strands of Wiggle energy come out with the cold water and hit your physical body. The constant batter of your physical body by the strands pushes your physical body back to the shape of your soul. In a sense, a cold shower is a full body workout. I do end up splitting in the shower as though I am on a run. 

Let's discuss the affect of a hot shower with red shards. In fact let's give it a name. Let's call the stripping away of your outer DEM layer through a hot shower as chronic DEM wasting disease.  If I had to guess, the majority of penis disorders would be fixed with cold showers. 
Below are 5%, a.k.a. physical matter,  reasons to do cold showers:

This is statue proof that men are suppose to have small penis. Picture is from Wiki

The YouTube video is from here:
I wrote this comment there: 
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