Monday, March 13, 2023

2023 February - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"We are grateful for his help and want to help out." Egyptian neighbors

Overall: I continue to practice proper walking gait. The simple DEM machines I made are helping out on my two arthritic knees and left arthritic hip. It is actually working. In the record, surgery will not be needed. Folks will use DEM machine to fix themselves.

9th - Asleep, my soul is pushing and pulling a car back and forth into the parking space. In the record, somewhere in the Bay Area is a DEM parking lot. This would make sense because I keep seeing student driving DEM cars when I am out driving. In the record, part of the school training is the operation of DEM vehicles.

The above pic is from a Nat Geo's Lost Treasures of Egypt, S1E4, Curse of The Afterlife.
14th - Asleep again, I, my soul, placed a package in the kitchen where the stove should be but is not because it is a DEM kitchen. I watch the square package unfold. A glass lizard slither out towards me as I direct it pass the Door. Once outside, the lizard made a left and burrowed into the Hallsted Energy Bank foundation. As I watched, the green hole closed around the "Queen of Snakes".  In the record, the Egyptians found flaws in my security and wanted to fortified the perimeter.  
In the record, my first encounter with a DEM snake was different. I remember hearing a directional DEM sound, "Kill. Kill." while I laid in bed. Soon after that my physical body was bounce up and down in the bed to avoid the snake attack.  That incident, lead to the creation of the energy barrier around the flat, which turned into the Hallsted Energy Bank.

18th - Asleep again, my soul saw the new ramp put in front the DEM house next door to Hallsted energy bank. Across the ramp is a small bead. I press my thumb into the bead, which will allow me to enter the neighbors house. In the record, little did I know that helping Cleo would get me a new neighbor, the Egyptian gods and goddesses.

19th - updated 2019-2020 headers

23rd - Doing things with Bro and others in a different world. I was able to read the map for the location. In the record, I am told to not bother now with the location. 

2023 March 30 - identified the new neighbors
2023 July 15 - reposted pics

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