Sunday, June 26, 2016

Who came first?

Quote: "What came first, the chicken or the egg...actually, it's the hen house." Box Man

Who came first?
This is my best guess at who came first with descriptions.
Gray People: Bart
The gray hand - These folks created the Box people who in turn created this universe. The Venusian created us while we created the digital world.
The Box people need our help per the Gray folks.
Bart, Apu

Gray helpers: Pops, Pops' Eves, Everyone's Aunts, Everyone's Uncles
Names: Phillip, Ralph

All Bros, All Sises, All BroSises
Box People:
Outside this universe -

Box Men and Moms

Ladies of the Voids - They allowed the schisms to happen by providing the space. Thank you. Without them, things would have ended, though there is a ? (I never finished it)

Inside this universe
Avatar Eves and elementals - An elemental would be lightning, the origin of the Pokemon people.
Avatar Mums
Avatar Moms/Maidens
Avatar Daughters

Digital world:
Pokemon world

Human body with soul and shoulder avatar
Venusian and Martian who created our souls
Box man who created this Universe.
Pops, Moms, Aunts, Uncles, Bros,Sisses, and Bro-Sisses are on the level of Boxman. They are the Gary folks helper to ensure Box man succeed. Includes Phillip
Gray folks create Boxman and gave rise to the Pops folks.

2016 July 26 - Added BroSis or third gender. Born without an sexual parts. A decision they still need to make. Switched dragons and humans.
2016 July 20 - Added Chil
2016 July16 - grammar, and toned it down
2017 Changed Man to Men and Gwen to box child.
2017 August 13 - added box stuff creators and digital world and more explanations
2017 August 23 - change box creator stuff to gray people
2018 September 21 - Added Bart and Many Hands
2019 August 20 - small edit...I need to update it
2019 November 3 - added summary...the whole pages a redo
2020 July 30 - add Gray helpers, spelling. Removed Many Hands. I think they are manifestations of the timelines.
2023 May 4 - grammar, changed font, spacing

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