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2023 August - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"I had no plans on doing a dog and pony show. They plan on me being the show pony. Working on it!" Yellow dragon.
Overall - Well, I need to make a viable DEM stilt, a.k.a. a simple DEM machine. Otherwise I doubt no one will believe me. Working on it.

3rd - As I sit on the can, a.k.a. throne, I get a thought that perhaps Green Leaf energy is not energy. In the record, this is why I need your help physicists. I am not sure what I am looking at. All I know is that you can use the Leaf energy laying on the top of the Earth as a fuel for a perpetual motion DEM engine.  That is why I called it energy.  I am willing to relabel all of it, but I need some help. 

6th - Tilden Dragon came by for a visit.
8th - After I sketch and images I ignore the vision I saw in the dream state.  In the record, I think this is how the Gaia stilts will work. The anchor lines hold me down, but if I flip the anchor line to the Earth I can walk as high as I want? 
In the record, even Ibol did not know I had stepped outside of the Earth to see how DEM gravity works.
10th - Online, I was looking up fabric glue and ended up on a site for sexy Asia AI art. I added the comment at the site. "Well, that does not work. Normally I use my clairvoyance to view a picture but there is no soul in this AI female. It looks fake. Every part of it looks off because the AI person lacks a soul. It's an AI fail."
In the record, it looks like a female Frankenstein.  The face was placed on the head that has a wig. The fingers look like broken joints. The fore arm looks like muscle with a thin layer of skin. The eyes look like they were popped in her face. And her head look like it is stuck on a post. It is kind of distressing to look at her, but here is the thing. The person who made this can fix her. They would have to imbue her with his DEM energy to make her come alive. Otherwise it is just a cut and paste art project.
13th - In dreamland, it's the same building that I have been in many times. I pick up the new fully stuffed DEM PC board. I read the part number on the board, "006-001034-21". This board seems to be in many parts of the building. 
In the record, it is weird to see the board in great detail in dreamland, a.k.a. DEM land. At my former physical work business, EnergyLine, we made a SPA board of the part number 006-001034-xx. Where the "xx" was the different version of the board. The SPA acronym is signal process analog board.
In the record, I guess the old team is back making control board for DEM machine. I still don't know who the other DEM user was. Little did I know they were building the DEM structure as I kept on going.
In the record, it is important that DEM folks are working on DEM controller for the future DEM machine. 
In the record, little did I know, the founders of EnergyLine, Dry and Sloe Ginn, were busy building the DEM building. 

16th - The Nara Dragon and  her dragon kittens came by for a visit. 
- Watched a little of the Golden Compass movie. The image of dust coming through a person daemon them through them is quite close. Link is here

19th - Sleeping in late, I am over three mile in the sky above San Diego at a conference about the upcoming tropical storm. I descend in a long arcing spiral until I hit the ground. I wake up soon after that. 

20th - I wonder how am I ever going to get the word out. Having amazing clairvoyance is worthless unless others can understand what I see. I am still working on it. 

21st - Storm Avatar Hillary came by for a visit.

26th - I asked Ibol if she will be with me even if I fail with the stilt. She said she will be by my side to the very end.  Thanks. 
27th - It 9 a.m. in the morning. I hear the soft to very loud echo of a crescendo of the house fire arms going off. Then it stops with a small beep. I get up to check in which alarm has the red LED light which means that battery needs to be replace. All three alarms in my area show green LED lights, which means they are good. I go back to bed and a second round goes off and stop after awhile. I text upstairs who are also attached to the alarm system. They said they heard no alarms. 
In the record on the 26th, the committee of Hawaiian avatars made a DEM fire alarm form to set off to alert folks of a fire. This make sense because of the recent Lahaina fire on August 8th. They want the DEM fire alarm to make a physical sound that a sleeping soul can hear.
I say, "Wow! That would be amazing." 
They explained that they were going to record a fire alarm timeline to make the DEM form recording and then test the sound form on a sleeping person.
I replied, "Why are you still talking to me?"
I know what they are going to ask. They said they would add a brief statement, "This is not as loud as it should be.", at the beginning of the test to alert me. To be fair, I did hear that, but the stress of the alarm going off overrides any rational thought of a sleepy person. 
So the test was a success. Well done. 
In the record, they did an avatar hack on the fire alarm to have it not blink red which sounds the alarm, which is why all the lights were green. They waited for me to be awake the next day to change out the battery. 
- resent the DEM letter
2023 September 11 - added analog to SPA,link, grammar. I had lots of grammar mistakes. Sorry.
2023 October 15 - added labels
2024 March 13 - updated AI Asian art link

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