Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Records - What is like to read a record and a Library card

Quote: "What David does anyone can do...your avatar needs to lend you their eyes." Ibol

The pic is from here. How Tom Cruise reads a vision is similar to what I do when I read a timeline record minus the monitor.

This is what I see when I read a record at my desk.

The gap between me and the monitor is my library check out box for record reading.

Not the monitor, but the air between me and the monitor.
I am not clairvoyant.
Without my avatar's eyes, I have no clue how to see a record, much less examine it.
But with her eyes, I move my hands and fingers in mid air to examine a record.

Also, anyone seeing this picture now has my library card to the Mercury Library.
You have access to everything I do in the Mercury Library.
Just pick the box up out of the picture and put it in front of you.
Now think about a record you want to view and the librarians will bring it to the box.
Happy reading.

It is intuitive, there is no need to second guess yourself.
Put your hands in front of the picture.
Imagine the box is in your hands.
Now put it down.
In the record, when you put your hands in front of the picture, your shoulder avatar is the one that retrieves the box from the picture and puts it in your hands.

It was interesting to see many hands inside the box but a bit busy to be in my bedroom. The Ladies of the Void moved it to their area.

Reading a record has changed for me. A mere thought opens the record for mental examination wherever I am.
In the record, once touched, always in touch applies to the Mercury Librarians who have been in this body. I have direct access to them to view any record in their branches. For detail analysis of a record, I still use the check out box with my hands to open it.

Remember to check out the records for knowledge sake only.  Any emotional desires tied to the reading will put "rose tinted" glasses on you and your reading will be askew.

2017 January 18 - 40 minutes after publishing - Better instructions.
2017 January 21 - added check out box moved to void
2017 January 31 - added avatar hands, I just assumed that folks could retrieve the box on your own, which you can but if you have doubt it will not work.
2017 February 4 - added once touched, always in touch, grammar
2017 March 5 - spelling, added rose tinted glasses. 
2023 September 10 - changed font, reposted pics, change to Minority Report for example
2024 March 2 - added to the label how to read a timeline record

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