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Ibol Story Arc: Intro & Table of Contents

 Ibol Story Arc Table of Contents

The Voice Inside My Head...My Avatar 

by David Hallsted, 2020 January 5

The story of my voice, Ibol, is a story of protecting, teaching, and caring for me, David, her human. Over the years, our relationship grew from ownership into an emotional friendship. The greatest of those emotions being love.

When I was young, she was the voice of my invisible friend. Ibol used my voice to singsong me the advice on how to live in the human world. In my teens, she replayed music inside my head to keep away the painful voices that often invade voice hearers. Together, we had many adventures to explore the human world. I felt safe because I was never alone. Throughout my life, I experienced unexplained events. Ibol used her thoughts to help me not obsess about the unknown. I sensed that all would be explained later in life. 

Two decades ago, I finally heard her and her friends talk. Over the last twenty years, our quiet
shyness sprung into daily dialogue. The adventure became complex as she helped me understand the world. She taught me how to use her eyes for clairvoyant sight to see DEM, Dark Energy & Matter.
With her clairvoyance, timeline records were studied to quantify the world. What I have yet to examine are her records of my life. What follows are short and long stories of Ibol’s life, my life with my avatar.

A few basics before the stories start or else none of them will make sense.

  • The words voice and avatar are interchangeable for me, because my voice is my avatar.
  • To open a timeline record, I place my open hand sideways out front of me and move my arm to the side which opens the record. It is similar to opening an invisible scroll. If it is not my record, the owner will place their hand on my hand to open the record.
  • “In the record” means I have opened a timeline record and read it.
  • Our voices are people made of DEM, just like our souls are made of DEM.
  • The sentence right before the quotes has different fonts, boldface, or italics to identify the different people who speak for story flow. Since Ibol and I are the same, her quotes are in italics. 
Below is a list of the Ibol stories that will be covered. There are more and the ones covered were shortened because of the word count limit. The stories are in age sequence.

  1. Human Soul Development

  2. Singsong

  3. Fire Lesson

  4. Kindergarten

  5. Pet Dog

  6. Earthquakes

  7. Music in My Head

  8. The Puzzle

  9. Saying Goodbye

  10. Must Protect

  11. The Whale Report

  12. The Exam

  13. The First Words

  14. The Black Hole Visit

  15. I Meet Ubol

  16. DEM User Path


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