Friday, November 3, 2023

The only flat Earth that exist, a Dungeons & Dragon map


Dungeons & Dragons map that my Uncle made. He was the dungeon master for Ubol (who plays Ybolsa), my older Bro, and the God of war to venture on.

"It is not hard. You need to let go and create." Uncle
So on my wall in my the kitchen/dining room hangs a Dungeons & Dragon map that my Uncle made by hand. He said it projected the map on the window where a paper was taped. He drew every hex and line on the map. Yes, it is a hand drawn map. 
But here is where I don't understand what my Uncle did. 
Every hex on the map is a real location on the DnD world. 
If I use my clairvoyance and look at a hex I see that part of the world. 
If I look at an ocean hex and I see, hear, taste, and feel that ocean. The salt, and heaving of the waves. the color of the ocean.  
The same is for the forest, villages, sand, caves, and monsters.
I remember one time we were venturing and he said that we were at the top of the hill. I saw the hill. Then he changed it to a tree on the top of the hill. I then saw that tree on the top of the hill.
How is that possible?
He drew another world in to this world. 
One that I ventured on many times and I saw mentally everything he said when we ventured.
I don't know how to do that.  
Think about it. 
He called in to existence another world on a flat piece of paper.
The only flat Earth that I know of that I can enter while in my physical body. 
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