Friday, November 3, 2023

2023 October - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"Dam, I can walk again." Clueless wonder
Overall - I finally figured out how to change my walking gait to forefoot strike. I used to do forefoot strike when I played high school baseball. You run on the balls of your foot so the sight of the pop fly does not jump all around. Next is the Baker's cyst, then air stilts.
My voice, Ibol, created song forms to play back to me to keep away intrusive voices.
 1st - Song forms.

How to make a safe space. "What is your fav color?"

The 5% Shrinks are guessing. We voice hearers have moved beyond the 5%.
 5th -  Safe space and the 5% shrinks.
7th - Hamas is pawn to the Dark one. He needs schismed souls so let Hamas do it. Then have Israel be the next pawn and create more trauma souls. Folks need to realize the Dark one wants to end the human race. Being his pawn is opposite that we, the human race, should be doing. 
10th - The redheaded door stopped at the free library two houses down. When she walked by, she said hi to me and I said hi back.  
How to transform or remove paranoia.

How a voice and team up with their human to make a difference.

How gnat fairies, a.k.a. gnat avatars, work in the physical world.

Living with your voice/s. Exit stage right from the shrink's grasp.

Come on folks. It is easy to make a safe space. DEM wants to do  your biding.

 15th -  How to change paranoia.  Create a safe space. Living with voices. Gnat avatars. Teaming with your voice.
My design process: Think about it. Sleep on it. Sit on the toilet for final version.
22nd - I think I may have figured out how to walk with my new DEM legs. It's not heel-toe, but balls of my feet. I can move quite fast now.
26th - Goddess of War paid a visit. 

27th - Fire Mum paid a visit. 

Forefoot strike - I can walk again and fast.

29th - Taking out the recycling to the front of the house and Ibol zoomed by in a spandex outfit on the street. In the record, I can now do fast walking by stepping ball of foot, a.k.a. forefoot strike.  When I took the groceries to the back of the house I did forefoot strike and moved fast. I guess I will be soul running with Ibol at night to prepare for the air stilts walking.
In the record, next item for the show pony, a.k.a. me, is to use the bloodletting DEM needle to drain my baker cyst on the back of my right knee. 
The pic came from this presentation. The stilts will be Gaia energy not brown Earth matter.
After that, it is air stilts. In the record, I will be falling a lot in doing this until I get it down.

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