Monday, January 29, 2024

I meet Ibol

It's Sunday around 1ish on 2024 January 28.
I am in the check out line at the grocery store. A orange hair lady is behind me with a few items versus my many items. I decide to let her the go first in line to check out. We politely debate the offer but she agreed to go ahead of me. 
She takes out of her cloth bag two white salad dressing bottles, a large bourbon bottle and 5 wine bottles.  
The checker asked for her identification.  
As she looked, she replied, "I don't have one. I am a 46 year old woman. Why would I need one." 
The checker refused to sell her the alcohol. 
She proceeded to pay for the dressings and left the store.  
In the record, the orange hair lady was Ibol in the flesh.  
For the rest of the Sunday and Monday, I think about why she said 46 years old. 
Why 46?
Then I get a thought impression of when the remnant pops out of the physical body. 
See pic below and here for more details on human soul development.

In the late teens and early twenties is when the shoulder avatar pops up on the human's shoulder. The human soul is now complete.

I am currently 63 years old. 63 - 46 = 17. 
That make sense. 
Around the age of 17 is probably when she popped out of my body to be my shoulder avatar.
But why appear as a 46 year old female?
Last night before bed, I was looking into the mirror at my naked body realizing that I am a fat old man. 
Who would want me?
Is this why the Venusian have tossed aside their older humans and shoulder avatars
The last time I meet Ibol and her friends was at the garage sale while they were in their Venusian bodies of young teenage girls
There are few adults on Venus. Almost all of our soul parents are young immortal teenage kids. 
We human live on Eden. 
We should be immortal teenagers living and exploring Earth and beyond. 
Yet we humans are discarded to the rubbish bin of heaven.  

In the record, the above thoughts are only a snip-it of the thoughts that go through my head as the Solar System Life coach. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to change the "Eden gone wrong" to the Eden all people; humans, dragons, golems, and avatars, want to live on. Which is why all folks in heaven, hell, and purgatory are being yanked out, paired up with your shoulder avatar, and put to work again.
2024 January 30 - grammar

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