Monday, February 6, 2023

2023 January - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"I want to do it. You need some encouragement." Bart's reply when I asked who wanted to do the quote of the month.

Overall: I know I need to walk again and make a DEM machine. Little did I know that they are one in the same.  This will be its own post so that I figure out how it works.
- I crossed trained with Ibol. Later I saw her at the store in a flesh body.  
 15th - The DEM sound of the energy bubble is like a warble of a bubble when touch as the wave resonates through the surface.

18th - We just finished the BAHVN board meeting. It came up that I had never seen a psychiatric or been on medication. Then one of the board members asked if anyone ask about it. I said, "No, because folks don't know what to ask. For instance, I tell folks that I am clairvoyant and see DEM. No one ask any questions about it. They just say, "That just David." I think I am losing it.  In the record, I think everyone is being forced thought not to ask.
19th - I forgot about the facilitator training meeting. I remembered it in the morning when I woke up.  In the afternoon, a thought crossed my mind that I should think about any thing I need to attend to. I sat and thought for a while and came to the realization that there was nothing. In the record, when the thought to ask the question came to me, it also dispersed any thoughts forms I had in my Energy bubble.  Thinks of the thought form as a soap bubble. If you blow hard enough it will pop and you will lose the thought. In the record, I need to put stuff in my calendar or one a daily to do list.

21st - We go to the recycling center to scrap the old file cabinets. As I unstrap the cargo I start to get angry. Then I hear a homeless person just out side the gate hitting metal on metal.  In the record, like a small bell that can reset the surrounding area, that man's cling reset the angry near by. The sound wave pushed other emotion forms away. In the record, I am being guarded all the time. I guess that Dark Dude has it in for me.
- Cross trained with Cleo but it went wrong. In the record, I meet a snake that encircles her. 
- The person to pick up the dividers is here. I go out to meet her but almost trip on stepping up to the walkway. In the record, it happened so quickly as something tried to avatar hold me.
- I go to bed and am really hot like I have an illness. I take off two layers on the bed. In the record, beware of what you try to fix. It may just attach to you.
22nd - post updated: How we got here?  Index
- I need to figure out what went wrong with Cleo. I remember the pic of the statuette of Cleo. I lay down in bed to see the statuette. I see the statuette and move back to the male sculptor. From him I see Cleo. I zoom in to Cleo and do a 360 around her to see what is the normal state. The pic above is from here.
I drift off into the dream world. Before I wake up, I see a dark haired woman in front of two guards. Below her is a black squiggle mess that moves around. See pic above. I tell her to step back as I stomp on it. In the record, the creation of trauma creates a DEM form that is now on you. 
- I had no ideal that the description of the above squiggle was labeled tangled chaos, depression, aggression, evil. See pic above.
- updated post: 2022 October - Dragon Diary
28th - It's garage sale time, which means that lots of DEM beings taking on flesh bodies.  In the record, I had no clue that this was going to happen. I just want to sell my stuff. 
In the record, the money they pay for is real, but made available to them to buy stuff.
- At the sale, there was a cube puzzle of some artists. A lady picks it up and called it a heretical art cube puzzle by some artist which she knew details about the artist. She quickly flips the puzzle to show me the various paintings. I am thinking, "What's going on?" I sell her the puzzle for $1. In the record, the previous Lord of Flames popped by to buy stuff. 
- At the closing of the sale, Ben and I are packing stuff up because we are done working in the garage when three high school teenage girls stop by.
"We saw the sign and wanted to see what you were selling."  
I stopped packing and asked, "What were you looking for?" 
And then it happened, I get the full affect that I have to look at each one of their faces as though I am not to forget what I see. It was like a wave of emotions hitting my face. In the record, Kenisha, Gwen, and Ibol pay a visit to the sale.  
In the record, why teens. I am forgetting their world is different then ours. I think this is their immortal form. I do know that when they send down a part of them, a.k.a. remnant, I guess it changes them. They end up growing old with their human, but pop out as a shoulder avatar which end their development? I have never looked at this part of their civilization. 
30th - I walk into the Animal Farm Discount store to buy some bird seed. And it happened again, my eyes view that storage racks they have in their store. It is weird, my eyes are zoomed on and focus on racks that I would like to purchase. In the record, the avatar of the store waves her hand from my eyes to the racks to make a direct DEM connection. Let's call it avatar zoom.
31st - Sitting at the dining room table with my Uncle and Older Bro. I reach around to get my water glass and my hand accelerates knocking over the glass and slipping the water everywhere. I think to myself that the sensation of someone taking over my timeline happened again. In the record, a dark dude see the timelines of my reaching for my water glass. He picks the one where I knock it down and hijacks my timeline to the glass knockdown timeline.
In the record, every time he does that I get access to him. I am beginning to wonder what he is thinking. Once touched always in touch is the way of the DEM world. 
2023 July 15 - reposted pics

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