Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Once touched...always in touch: Bone records


Quote: "Even in death, love prevails." Keeper of Souls
Susan found a small human bone on a hike and brought it home to turn into the police. That night I decided to extract records from the bone. The first record showed an anxious woman standing by a sink in an art deco kitchen. The second record showed her sitting in fear, shuffling backwards in the forest leaves. The third record showed a wolf gnawing the flesh off the bone.

There is a happy ending. In talking to the woman's shoulder avatar and wolf avatar, I was allowed to see their outcome. The woman's shoulder avatar stayed over her owner's body while the soul was taken away. A wolf was guided by his avatar to the body. The wolf ate his full while both avatars conversed. The wolf avatar granted her permission to tag along on his journey. Before long, they fell in love with each other.

Happy ending are everywhere, just let them happen.
When I tired to publish the story I was stop three times by the Keeper of souls.
Well, I find out that the Keepers had not pushed the souls on to their next world. The Keepers were sort of letting them accumulate.
Yes, heaven was a waiting room.
Exposing their lack of progress was not welcomed.
With some work, we have started to clean out all the waiting rooms and pair the souls back up with their shoulder avatars. This is important because a paired human and shoulder avatar equates to a healthy avatar on Venus.
The goal is to find all the lost shoulder avatars, a.k.a. spirits, and pair them with their soul.

2017 August 2 - added heaven = waiting room
2020 April 15 - added pic back, quote author, changed wolf to coyote after talking to the animal avatar
2023 August 9 - changed font, reposted pic

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