Friday, April 12, 2024

Climate change - Taking Earth off Autopilot

The above title and map are from the SF Chronicle article


As I look at the temperature map, I am still amazed at the mini ice age in the southwest USA. I always thought that the Salt Flat of Utah would be a good place to load up with water. I looked closer and realized that the Salt Flat are in the flood zone. See pic below. 

Picture is from here:

Then the weather avatar agreed with me. I get a thought impression to make the existing ice age bigger. As I looked at the map I see that Bisbee, AZ would be a good location.  Up north, I think that the Lava Beds National Monument would be a nice place to grow the mini ice age.  See the below pic. 
Two days later....
In the record,  I was pranked by two avatar Indian boys at the Lava Bed park.  They were trying to prank us at the park but we ended up scaring them instead. They finally got us back. Well done pranksters. The prank was to get me to mention them again and they won their bet. And to update their blog post. 
In the record, before I did the first post I added "updates" without thought. I have never done that before but it is a good ideal to have it there. When I added the "updates" they knew that I knew that the jig was up.
The new locations for the DM snow is Crater Lake and Huachuca Mountains. 
In the record, little did I know the southwest USA was in the middle of a megadrought
2024 April 17 - redid map of new DM snow and in the record of the prank.

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