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2024 March - Dragon Diary

 It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"In my presence, your life will be warm." Gaia Mum
Overall -  I have noticed that the floor in my bedroom is warm. The floor has radiant piping which warms up by when I turn on the thermostat but I have not turned it on all winter. And it is warm. It should be freezing cold. I checked the boiler and it show no activity. I know my energy bubble has increased, but can it warm up water? In the record, the strands of Wiggle energy would increase in activity, maybe? In the record, I looked at the record and for some reason there was a lot of Gaia energy in the bedroom. 
- Walking is much better. To think that I have two arthritic knees and an arthritic left hip and I can walk again doing heel-toe steps.  I know I still have to do the show pony thingy. I have yet to look at why my feet felt like I am walking on air bubbles. This foot sensation had be going on for a year or so and I have yet to use my clairvoyance to look at it.

1st - Ladies for DEM came for a visit: Fire Elemental, Brown Earth matter, Green Earth Matter, GAIA Energy

The YouTube vid was from here: Understanding Schizophrenia | Leading Brain Expert Explains. It was posted at the Hearing Voice Facebook forum.

6th - Comments above are from the Hearing Voice Network about the YouTube vid. It is weird that the voice hearing community is seeking advice from non-voice hearers. As I mentioned in the comment, the non-voice hearing shrinks are just guessing with their 5% knowledge. 

In the record, I had a talk with above shrink. I politely asked that he be open to explanations that are beyond his books and teachings.


13th -  updated: 2024 January - Dragon Diary

15th - updated: 2024 March - 5% diary


Why medication for voice hearing does not work.

I just want to share with what I know.
The future of the human race is with voices.


18th - Comments above are from the Hearing Voice Network.

The voice world interacts with the human race in many different ways.
24th - Comments above are from the Hearing Voice Network.
The voice hearing organizations need to branch out and show the non-hearing folks that interactions with their voice is an everyday event.
27th - Comments above are from the Hearing Voice Network.

27th - Comment above is what I posted at various YouTube channel on DEM, Dark Energy & Matter. 

The YouTube links below:

 - Dr Sutter link:

- Left the same comment at the Femilab lecture: 

- Long Now Foundation:

- Sabine Hossenfelder:
- Fraser Cain:

If the comment is hard to read it is also below:
The reason humanity has yet to interact with DEM, Dark Energy & Matter, is because the things we make are not imbued with DEM. DEM interacts with DEM. Yeah, it is that simple. There is good news though. We have DEM in us, on us, it is all around us. We can readily interact with DEM. Well, I know you are going to stay, "How do I know this?" I am a clairvoyant. So I reviewed a timeline of me riding a bicycle through the DEM on the ground it slices right through it. I have watched a BART train on a raised track punch a hole in the DEM ocean, and the ocean closes up behind it. Again, DEM interacts with DEM. The physical things we make are not imbued with DEM, therefore it will not interact with DEM. (Go ahead and delete this. Everyone else does. Enjoy your 5% life.)
In the record, it is not obvious why physicists have yet to interact with DEM? The physicists need to think outside of their 5% lives.  
In the record, all the comments are still there. So far it is lasting longer than the penis comment.
Hearing a voice's direction on Earth from their voice. Also, why the voice world is no better than the human world.
29th - Comments above are from the Hearing Voice Network.

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