Saturday, September 26, 2015

Avatar funny: Lava Bed snake shell

     Schonchin Butte Fire lookout                              Avatar snake shell

Quote: Blonde blue-eyed and gorgeous, what better avatar could one have?

Ben and I are hiking the trail to Schonchin Butte Fire lookout. We are told by hikers coming down the hill that there is a snake by the trial. It is morning and in the low 50's. I start to wonder why a snake is out early in the cold. We continue up the trial and reach the alcove just outside the deck overhang. Ben sees the snake, freezes and stares. I see a snake overcome with fear trying to climb the rock wall to escape the alcove. I suspect it's an avatar shell and take a picture and a quick movie. I try to reason with Ben that now is your time to overcome your fear of snakes so we can visit the lookout. The ranger pokes his head over the deck to talk to us about the snake. I look at Ben, who will go no further. I look at the ranger, who thinks it is a snake. I look at the snake, who is trapped. I give up on the visit. I bid the ranger a good bye and head back down the trail with Ben to join Jon at the car.

I finally meet up with the snake Indian avatar and his two avatar friends. We view each others' records to find the real story.

The local Indian avatars enjoy playing pranks on unsuspecting visitors. While driving to the monument, Indian avatars start running by the car to get a closer view of the visitor's energy bubble. They see that Ben has a fear of snakes circling his body. Ibol, my avatar, sees runners by the car and suspect that something is afoot but let's it play out. The runners join their friend and make plans to scare Ben. One changes into a snake, while the other two sit on top the alcove wall unseen by humans to watch the prank.

Ben and I hike up the hill and Ibol grows in height off my shoulders. She stares at the snake never losing eye contact. The snake wonders what is going on and starts backing down the alcove. As we round the trail close to the lookout, Ibol draws two scimitars from inside of her and places them by her side. We arrive at the alcove. The snake is writhing in fear trying to slither up the wall to avoid the inevitable slice. His Indian friends laugh and point at him knowing a snake shell cannot climb the wall. Ibol stares at the two friends who back off showing their hands surrendering any wrong doing. Ben's avatar is in shock staring at the Indian avatar's failed escape. The ranger's avatar just shrugs his shoulders indifferent to the outcome. I give up on the lookout visit and we start down the trail to the car. Ibol puts the swords away but continues to stare, stopping when we are at the car. The avatar snake is given the OK sign from the ranger's avatar to disappear once he is inside. The Indian avatars run back to their cliff home laughing at their friend's near death experience.

Yeah, this is the norm. Thank goodness I have a blond, blue-eyed chick watching over me.

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