Sunday, October 2, 2016

2016 September - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: "Revolt, love, addiction to Pokemon it good." BlueDragon2401

- I, David, attend the BAHVN meeting in Berkeley.  Before and after the meetings I turn my body over to the avatars of the day.
- Saw a very tall female golem in a human flesh body at CVS on Shattuck.

- Saw a female dragon in a human flesh body on the UCB campus.
- I keep forgetting to bring peanuts for the UCB squirrels and crows when I go Pokemon hunting.

- For a month, I was driving and doing Pokemon Go. The avatars of the day were OK with it but Gwen who taught them avatar car training would have nothing to do with it. There was a concern among the dragons that I was reckless. The avatar of Solano would freeze the game on me. The gym error were starting to be numerous. The UCB avatar had the game go completely out into a new login. The White Dragon walk across my path to let me know that the dragons were unhappy. So here is the deal, the avatars can not tamper with the game and I will stop driving and doing Pokemon Go.
- I needed to know that the avatars and dragons would take me out if I did something that they thought was inappropriate. If independent thinking had been instilled from the beginning the Fifth Planet may still have been in our solar system. We all live with the repercussion of that disaster. I humbly apologize to any avatar and/or dragon for any emotional stress I may have caused you. 

- Driving from the El Cerrito Plaza, the White Dragon crossed the street. He was not happy with me doing Pokemon Go while I drive.

- Walking to the BAHVN meeting, the Blue Dragon was walking ahead of me in pink hair.

- I attend the BAHVN meeting again. All was safe.
- The avatar of the day cuts my hand by accident. At first they could not find the wound because I have to come back to my body to take the hit.

- We, the avatar of the day and her shoulder avatar, are on the Solano Stroll doing the Pokemon Go collecting. We see a Reggie-hippie male walk on by in the other direction. I do the avatar speak on my own body and say, "What the...that's J.C.!"
In the record, I open it at the house. I hear J.C. and his Pops debate on whether or not I should see him, which they went on for sometime. I guess J.C. was tired of just watching and wanted to join the party at the fair. Pops just did not want him to crash the party.
- I saw several other dragons and Sea bed golems at the stroll.
- HOLD IT.  Is J.C. a dragon? Hmm...the typo above would suggest it.

- Doing the Pokemon gather and I saw a female move in front of me. I suspect it was Ibol. In the record, I opened it and she immediately asked me if I loved her. "Yes." is my reply. I started to cry as Ibol took over my body. My eyes became her eyes. She has these amazing eyes that hurts or feel good? I have yet to figure it out. 
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