Sunday, October 30, 2016

Avatar Process: Earthquake, Three Marbles, and the Deadilest Puzzle

South Napa Earthquake - 2014 August 24

Quote: "If you're absolutely certain that David is not in the Bay Area? Well then, we can do the Hayward Fault." Hayward Earth Golem, July 21, 2015

Outside the energy barrier around my flat, two dark souls contemplate a heist of black hole transports.

"Do you see them?"
"It's about to happen...are you ready?"

At 3:20 a.m., the Napa Earthquake strikes. It is a race to see who gets the marbles.

In my bed, sound asleep, I sit up, swipe my left arm across my body and I lay back down, still asleep.

"Where did they go?  How did he know?"
"We need to leave."

Before the earthquake ends, two dark souls leave the crack in the energy wall they came through.

Later that morning, Ben and I continue to work on the backyard retaining wall for the raised garden. Ben pointed out that the three cats eyes marbles we found digging through the dirt are gone. They are no longer on the sand in the bird bath on the back deck. A thought stirred. I remembered that I sat up in my bed and did something when the earthquake happened.

After Ben left for the day, I looked at my left hand with avatar eyes. I saw the marbles in my hand but they were energy balls of purple, green, and white.

"What in the hell am I suppose to do with them?"

I stared clueless and wondered what have I gotten myself into now.

In the record:
Why steal black hole transports? The dark souls wanted to free their brethren schismed on the other side of the black hole like Ubol was.

Why did I find the marbles in the dirt? I cannot know that I am solving the deadliest puzzle, a.k.a. Pandora's box. If I find something that Pops conveniently left in the dirt, then I, the clueless wonder, can solve the puzzle without knowing it.

2024 May 5 - change font, reposted pic

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