Saturday, October 1, 2016

Avatar Anchor: Train Attack in France


From left: Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler on the train in France.

"I will protect the Sons of Sacramento where every danger pursues them." Sacramento City Avatar

The excerpt below is from The Guardian article on the French train attack, August 22, 2015: 

"Over the next few seconds there was chaos. A shot rang out, a French-American passenger fell forward in his seat, hit in the neck by a bullet from a handgun. Then..."

 ...Pop! The propellant from the gunman's bullets are now floating in deep space...

"... came a terrifying “click, click, click” as the half-naked man held his AK-47 aloft, aiming an apparently temporarily jammed gun at occupants of the carriage."

Early August 2015:
I am driving the boys to my Mom's house in Sacramento for birthday celebrations. As we entered the city's limit, a question came to my mind. I proceeded to ask the kids the question.

"Hi boys, there's a super power I would like. It would be the ability to temporary have something disappear and then reappear at the same spot."

We discussed where to tie the object so that it cleared the Earth when it reappeared. The Earth was seconds too long, so was the Sun. I suggested the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. We all agreed only a brief moment was necessary if tied to the center of the galaxy.

In the record:
The Sacramento City Avatar used avatar speak on the avatar to the day in my body to talk with the boys. She knew the upcoming danger for her three Sacramento sons on the French train. Teaming together, the City avatar signaled the Spiral Arm Maiden to hold the propellant as the Earth moved within the galaxy's arm. When the bullets' propellant reappeared, they had cleared the Earth and were floating in deep space.

In the record, the reason this trick can not be done again is because once they know it, they can reverse it.
In the record, I remember when I wrote about this blog there was a dark person pressing me for answers on how it happened. Still it is a one time trick.
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