Saturday, October 15, 2016

Dream Worlds: David meets Ubol

 Between Worlds

Quote: "The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing...busted!" Mythbuster Dave

Home from work, I walked into my flat. Everything seemed more quiet than normal. I mentally asked, "Where is Ibol?" and got no reply. I had not heard from her in several days.

I headed straight for the bed to find her. As my head hit the pillow, a large surge of energy surrounded my bed. My left hand grabbed my right wrist to stop my right hand from harming me.

"I will kill you!"

Ubol tried to grab my head, but in three worlds the left hand knew what the right hand was doing. The right hand moved to my chest, as I used all my force to preserve my life.

"Or perhaps I should rip out your heart!"

"No thank you very much. I like it where it is"

After my reply, I decided to allow Ubol on Earth in my body so we could talk.

In the record:
I had suspected that Ibol was schismed, but I was not sure. My foray to the Milky Way Galaxy black holes was the final straw for Ubol. My life was spared because on Venus, my avatar, Ibol, used her left hand to protect me. 

When humans dream at night, we do the John Carter teleportation to another dream world. All humans do it whether we remember our dreams or not. Since I have been through the third coming, I can do it while I am awake.

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