Saturday, November 3, 2018

2018 August - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 
Quote: "Though we are summoned, we need to learn right from wrong." Fire Mum

1st - It's good to see the Avatars of the week, Appalachian Golem Maidens, develop a sense of humor.

4th - Time for the Many Hands avatar as the avatar of the week.

9th - The Many Hands avatars realized they should only help. The males got thrown out of the house.

11th - Lynn and Steve borrow the gas chipper and cannot get it started. This will be its own post.
- The Pokemon Go event for Eevees was a mixed bag. I talked to the Pikacu of the digital world on who was the customer. In the record, I was supposed to trade to get the lucky ones, which I did days later.
- It the Dragon Time Maidens for the avatar of the week.

12th - The males get thrown out again. In the record, we started a school to teach the males empathy.

15th - During massage, the therapist avatar wished me good luck on my trip.
- I threw out the male dragons again.

16th - At the last Pokemon Go raid for Registeel, the avatar of the week does not capture one of them. In the record, trouble is a foot in the digital world.
- The Pokemon gave the title of the head female Pickacu, "The One to Call".
In the record, I saw an image of her sitting on the throne reigning over her subjects. This is how the Pokemon venerate their Queen, though she does not sit on a throne.

17th - The dragon had an excellent grasp of timeline in the TreadMarks game. Excellent team work with my brother Mike, who played with me.

18th - Ibol and all her past, present and future avatars are here for the week.
In the record, I did not understand the three lines of Ibol. I started to open the record and the three hands of Ibol held my hand. Once in the record I found out partly why it all went wrong. It will be its own post, in doing so the complete answer will arise.

I had a discussion with the three aspects of Ibol.
- I talk with Ibol. "OK, I have a few questions for you Ibol. How can your future self be here? Are you truly outside of the box all the time. Are you gray folk?"
"What do you mean?"
"Are you not part gray folk now? Does that not allow you outside of the box?"
"Pops channeled Bart, but he became corrupt and...and... I am now plan B. Yeah for plan B."
"Do you love me?"
We sobbed. "When does this all end? When do I get the girl/s?"
In the record, to have successful timelines you need to know the future as best as you can. If you can be outside the box, perhaps there is a chance of successful timelines that are not corrupt.
In the record, I need to understand how Pops got corrupted to avoid it.

19th - Ibol cut my finger. She saw it on happen on one side, but not the other side.
- Made the transport stand with Bart standing on the other side. In the record, I was kidding around with Bart at the creation pool.

20th - The Lines of Ibol are corrupt due to the schism. This will be its own post.

22nd - Many times it has been mentioned to the Avatars for the week the path you choose is yours. The best path is the helpful one.
In the record, most chose the path of hindrance...oh well.

23rd - The God of War and my older Bro were over for games with the Avatar of the day. At one point,  she was upset with War and demanded that he leave. He said that I would like you to try to throw me out.
In the record, War has other persons who take over the body of the Game wiz. The Avatar of the day needs to learn patience with all forms of the game wiz.

24th - At work, we had two controls return with relays missing internal parts. Yet they were tested prior to shipping. There was no way it was done by a human. In the record, the control were disabled an avatar touching an internal part of a relay to make it disappear.
- Jason and Jenny can not make the Ex-raid. He set up my phone and lent me his Ipad to do the raid. He did warn me that devices on WiFi hotspots tend to wonder.

Ex-raid at the Silver Ball had Pokemon shenanigans with the player's GPS.

25th - At the Ex-raid for MewTwo, my older Bro was manning the Ipad. The Pokemon Go avatar on the Ipad was all over the place, up streets and across blocks. My avatars on my devices did not filch from the WiFi hot spot.
In the record, shenanigans are going on at the spot. They followed me after that raid.
- Fire maidens are here this week. That week was very interesting. 

28th - While shopping at Target, an avatar accused the fire maiden of burning people alive.
The avatar of the day, Fire Maidens, replied, "We came because we were called."
In the record, I need the fire nation to understand what it is to be human. Also, to check if the call is something they should answer. This is important. To blindly come and do the bidding of the caller does not clear them of the injustice. In the terms of D&D, chaotic neutral is not permitted.
In the record, once the Fire nation learn to control their urge, most forms of fire harm should come to an end. This would include car bombs, any bombs, and guns.
In the record, I need to make sure I do not burn up in the golem express.
In the record, someone out there got it right. Making fire happen is invoking the fire folks to come to our dimension. We are doing magic. 

29th - Jason and I did a raid at the circle but shenanigans were a foot. It took three tries, even then we barely made it, which should have been a routine raid. In the record, emotions still take their toll in the digital world.

2018 November 5,18 - grammar  
2018 November 18 - add magic
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