Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Cutter: His Blade

I gripped the Cutter's blade to make a hole in the high pressure trap we are under.

Quote: "We are learning. We freed those who wanted salvation. We made safe those who wanted to stay." Fire maidens.

It's Friday the 16th, and there was an unnatural high pressure trapping all the Camp Fire smoke in the Bay Area. It was planned to rain a week ago, but failed. Now I must act. 
At my desk, I opened the record of Ibol cutting my finger. In that record, I saw the knife that cut me, the Cutter's knife and remarked,
"That was a mistake."
I griped the Box size knife as Bart placed his hand on top off my hand. In front of me I saw the western states. I plunged the knife into the high pressure zone. Together we cut a line from the high pressure trap to Sedona, AZ.

In the record, even though the Camp Fire was well planned, no one expected the Dark one to use the smoke against us. Though in retrospect he did do the blob. Once cut, the pressure had to lower due to the ruptured high pressure wall.

In the record, once touched always in touch applied to the knife that cut me. I know how the Cutter works, the one that has cut so many.

In the record, team work happened in the Camp Fire: fire lines stopping before houses, dogs safe in cars, mysterious persons drove victims to safety, and the cleansing of marked avatars. Congrats to everyone who took part in the fire. 
2023 November 26 - changed font

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