Monday, March 18, 2019

Gray Folks - Just Wanting to Make Some New Friends

"Hello everyone, just dropping in to say "Hi" Bart

1976 July 14 - Back in San Juan Capistrano, my Dad and I are in the garage talking to each other. He says that he wished he had a cool nickname he liked. Then he mentioned several names and ended with Bart. In the record, Bart's avatar spoke though my Pops. 
In the record, I used a chronology record tool for the day. How it works is that you take a frame from that timeline record and use it to narrow down the day, To use, place the frame in the DEM tool. Slide the picture until it lines up with the correct year which lights a line between the two. Next you expand out the months and line up the light. Repeat until you have what you want.

2017 August - Back in DC, both the Gray folks raided with Jon and I. One left by car, the other walked with the raid party to the next raid. In the record, the Gray folk, Bart, won while the other ran for the car. The car Gray folk offered me a ride to the next raid. I said, "You should know that Pokemon Go is about walking."
In the record, why are the Gray folks, the creators of the creators of the creators of the human race here at this time. Why did one lose and Bart win? What was won?

2018 May 20 - Ibol raided with us at the circle. She drove us in an Avatar Honda minivan to Solano for the next raid. We meet a father and two kids. Ibol said "Hi" to the father and the father does not recognize who she was. In the record, Ibol wanted to alert me to the presence of a Box man program, though I did not know it then.

2018 June 2 - In the raid today were Gray folks. In fact, there was not one human at the raid other than Jason and me.
There is a Dad I meet before with his two children.
I start talking to him then his little girl.

"Oh hi, we meet again."
"I don't remember you."
"Oh...that's okay."
"...You know, at work...I work in a box and then go home to a box. In fact, we are born in a box and one day I will die in a box.  All I am saying is beware of someone bearing a box."
"You're weird."
"I am weird, who is the one wearing purple leopard spots. Growl!"
"She is a girl...just look."

In the record, why did the Dad did not recognize me from our previous meetings. We meet multiple times. Also why did he not know I was kidding. He lack human insight. I need to see a record to verify, though Bart's visit on Monday was confirmation.
In the record, a Box man is a program that the Gray folks use to create this universe. The box man has intelligence but lack human insight. In short, the Gray folks kids brought with them a person on the scale of Thanos. Yes, someone who can change our world in a snap.
In the record, back at the end of the universe, Bart explained to both his sister and brother why I was upset. In future Pokemon Go raids, they were without a Box man. The Gray folks are excited to do Pokemon Go raids, a world that was created by humans. In the record, Pokemon Go is sentient.

2018 June 4 - Bart showed up at the support group meeting. He came late and left early. There are rules for the meeting but do not apply to him since he was not there to hear them.

For his check in at the meeting, Bart said, "I am a sponsor...and a producer."

In the record, Bart was worried that I would start to suspect something regarding the Box man. He wanted to reassure me that everything is okay and not to worry.

"I have your back David."

In the record, he just took over the keys and typed. I cried, then Bart cried. He is happy.

So, why would the creators, Gray folks, of the creator, Box man, of the creator, our Soul parents, go through all this effort. Is it to play Pokemon Go? No. It's to play Pokemon Go with someone, their new friends.

2020 December 1 - added words in front of Bart's check in, grammar
2023 May 25 - changed tool to pointer
2024 May 3 - reposted pic

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