Sunday, August 18, 2019

Bart pays a visit



"I am also an achiever." Bart.

Bart announced that he was a sponsor and a producer. All definitions are from
The date is 2018 June 4.
The location is the North Berkeley Senior Center.

The Bay Area Hearing Voice Network group support meeting was already in process. A white hair man of medium built arrives at the meeting's doorway. I look around and see him. He immediately walks into the room and sit across me in the circle of chairs.
He is asked to check in.

"This is wonderful. This is great."

"I am a sponsor...and a producer."

And said nothing else.
Within a few minutes he got up and started to walk out of the room.
He was asked for contact information and said, "Another time."

In the record, Bart is the creator of the creator of the creator, where the Venusian/Martian created our souls, Boxman created the universe, and Bart was one of the folks who created Boxman. 
Bart dropped by to reassure me that the previous encounter of gray folks with a Boxman was okay. His family, gray folks, wanted to help out with the Pokemon Go raid that happened two days ago. I had a misunderstanding of their intent.

In the record, I am busy trying to make DEM stilts. In the process I found that the various Dark Energies and Matters have a voice of their own. The human race needs to have voice hearers to listen to the voices of DEM in order to use DEM in our everyday lives.

2019 August 19 - I forgot a post title and grammar
2019 August  20 - Added Bart link
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