Friday, August 23, 2019

I steal a Door

"We welcome all who come to visit." Bart's Dad

I lay in bed and listen to Still Alive on repeat. (start playing now)
I am wide awake and my soul and shoulder avatar are at the end of the Universe.
I talk to the Door.

"You're a great looking door. Why don't you come home with me." 
"And who are you?"
"I am David and this is Ibol. We are looking for someone to let people in. It's a shame you keep people out. What do you say?"
"Are you saying that I can let people in?"
"Yes. Most definitely."
"I will go."
"Grab on. Let's go."
The door grew arms and hung onto my arm and changed in to a redheaded female as we departed to Earth.

The Gray folks noticed the sudden openness as Bart and his Dad rushed to the opening.

"Hey, David just took our door."
"Perhaps it time we had no door."

I woke up and walked to the door of my flat. She released my arm and became the door, the building, the yellow spike of Earth, the turning point of DEM on Earth.
In the record, I finally have protection at my door. Thank you Door.

Well, guess what happens when you put a Gray folk's door on you place. The in-laws walk in. It is nice to meet them and receiving their help.

Update: 2019 August 25 - added last "guess what". 
2019 October 2 - grammar  
2020 October 18 - changed borrow to steal
2023 August 1 - reposted pic, changed font

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