Sunday, August 11, 2019

Which path? DEM or no DEM

"Do not fear, the path of DEM is the path of light. I will help you to that path." Gaia

I rinsed my body and shampooed my hair in water with very low warmth. With the water off, I conditioned my hair and soap up my body. With the water on cold, I put each body part under the water to rinse. In the record, when water is heated, the wiggle energy breaks apart into tiny shards. When hot water hits the human green energy barrier, the barrier around our body is shredded off, but not completely.

On the path of cold shower, has lead to other questions about the planned past for Earth's surface dwellers, the human race.
Let us assume that we were only meant to use Dark Energy and Matter, DEM, and whatever else is on the surface. No mining or drilling for raw materials, because mining and drilling invades the Golem underworld.
My whole life, everything around me, are materials stolen from the Golem world.
The trees are fine with humans using their material provided we leave the roots,a.k.a. tree soul, alone.
But how do you cut wood without metal?
And remember, the stuff we make does not interact with DEM.
It is as though we are on the wrong path, and we may never be able to get completely off the path of no DEM.
I have never explained why the human race lives at the bottom of a DEM ocean, the great flood. Our protection that blinds us to DEM.
The future of all the races on Earth is on the path of DEM.
The path of no DEM is the demise of the surface dwellers of Earth.

Just a note on cold showers, soaps and shampoos work best with warm or hot water to take them off. A rubbing friction is necessary to remove the layer of cleaning solution off your skin which is easily achieved when you heat up wiggle energy, a.k.a. water energy. As mentioned above, the wiggle energy lines are fractured, which shreds the bodies green energy layer off, which allows you to rub off the soap.

In cold water, you will need to replicate the velvet hand model to remove first the green layer then the soap. In short spread you finger out to allow the green energy to be removed. 

If the green layer of Earth energy is left on your skin during a cold shower, you sense the cold water, but are not affected by the wiggle energy. In short, you don't get cold, which by all means is counter intuitive.

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