Friday, September 13, 2019

Count of Global DEM Users - One...Two!

"One... two! Two DEM Users. Ah! Ah! Ah!" Sesame Street Count Dracula.

While at my desk, I glanced at my monitor and I happened to see a yellow person in the distance in the world of DEM, Dark Energy and Matter

Without thought I, raced across the barren green globe to the other side.
I quickly explained my actions, as I jetted by.
"Just checking the globe for DEM users."
Two seconds later I race back to them and stated my findings, again jetting by.
"Looks like it's just the two of us."
The entire trip around the globe of DEM was eleven seconds.

In the record, it looks like they are building a structure which would seem easier and practical versus the stilts I am making.
In the record, there is a reason why DEM is hard to find. None of the stolen golem items we made interacts with DEM. One has to completely rethink what they do to interact with DEM.
In the record, I was able to use a human clock to measure the time taken. Place a round  outline clock by the timeline and hit the top of the clock. It will roll itself out on top of your timeline to measure the time taken.

2019 September 15, 17 - grammar, added fading speech
2019 December 29 - Grammar, The count was for humans with shoulder avatars only.
2023 August 14 - correct Counts laugh, changed font, reposted pics

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