Friday, September 6, 2019

2019 August - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...  

"Now would be the purrfect time to come alive." High Cat Witch of London

General entries:
- For sometime now, I do stretches from toe tip to finger tip. In the record, got to stretch the avatar of the day to fit the body, even to the very ends.
- I am always hot. Milk and food with milk product tempers me. In the record, when I am in my body, I can see flames on the corners of my eyes. Thanks goodness for those cold showers.

1st - Sometime in July, I was given a pair of red spindles to grab Wiggle energy from a creek. In the record, I plan to make a wooden tennis racket with wiggle energy as the string. 
In the record, I am now wearing the wearing the spindles around my neck. And they make noise.
- Sometime in August, the Witches of London arrived in Berkeley. Nice to meet you all.

3rd - Another attempt was done. In the record, the left soul foot, knows what the body was doing.

The Japan golem clan, Let's be Friends, did a excellent job on the earthquake and the after affects.

4th -  Way to go Japan golems. 6.3 and nothing else.
- J.C. "You need to control it." In the record, the man is literal about everything that he says. In the record, does that mean, "control of the machine" will work?
- Gaia, "You are close." Thanks for your confidence.

7th - Before I can use DEM, I need to ask their permission. In the record, brown Earth matter and green Earth energy are children of Gaia. Yes, sentient beings.

8th - On the massage table, I fall into a deep sleep but I am wide awake. In the record, Bart combines all three of us, Ibol, Ubol, and David into one person.
While the massage progressed several loud clashed happened but I did not wake up. In the record, all the windows are open because I am way to hot during the massage, but the energy barriers are also up.

10th - I walk around the table trying to use brown Earth matter stilts surrounded by green Earth energy. In the record, each time I do it I learn a part of the puzzle.
In the record, once I can walk on DEM stilts, the world wakes up to the potential of DEM.

11th - Green Earth energy is a female child, to be named Terra, while brown Earth matter is a female child, to be named Climb. When I walk, Terra has her hands around the ankles of Ibol, Ubol and David to united us all. We all need to convince Climb to come on board and help the surface dwellers.

12th - I had to learn to walk all over again. After we are tied down by Terra, we each have to invoke our power. Once that was set, we walked on the balls of our feet. In the record, a typical walk has an up and down motion. The balls of the feet are level. With the foot pointed down you whip the brown energy forward which makes forward progress. (This was fake progress.)

13th - I was attacked while at a company class.
- Later that night, I had a talk with the  company avatar. We agree to help me in the class.

14th - Yes. The company avatar could see the attacking avatar way before I could and resolved the issue. Thanks.
The Shake, Rattle, n Roll golem clan thought it would be funny to knock down the sign that was incorrect. 

16th - The golem clan in Kansas did a successful earthquake with only minor damage. Good job.
- Doing the DEM walk around the table. Now there are 7 people we must sync in order to make slits. This will be it's own post. (This was a trick. The DEM was contaminated.)

18th - I decide to use Earth energy as a thread to sew up my hernia opening. In the record, I tired of it happening and I can see the stitches are still there. I wonder if it will work.(The stitches have disappear and the opening in my green Earth energy layer is now fixed.

19th - DEM practice of walking takeoff to align everyone: David's body and soul, Ubol, Ibol, Climb David soul, Ibol Shoulder avatar, and Tetra hands. If properly align I'll hear a snap sound in the DEM world. Also practice to make sure everything is in sync within the first 3 step. Also, practice a walking backwards takeoff.
In the record, Climb check to see if there was space around the table for an elevation walk.

20th - Yet another weak attempt in a long list of attempts. In the record, though my records are open to all, those who wear rose tinted glasses will never read a record truthfully.
- In the record, the need of a lucky penny is long past. I have become quite adapt at reading timelines on the fly. I still like picking up feathers I find on my path.

22nd - At massage therapy, I talk to the technician prior to passing out to sleep. We discuss intuition. I state what I know. There is avatar sense and timeline sense. The a third one pops into my head. I remember being at the doctor's office alone in the room.  I sensed all the improvement opportunities in the room, missed paint, loose wire, loose hinge, and outlet cover. It is the empathy to help. What wants help.

23rd - The previous DEM practice was a trap but the trapper was saved. The practice walking on the balls of my feet still carried over.
- Today was the real practice. More on that later.

26th - The in-laws moved in. I finally understand where Ibol comes from. She was a gray folks who was lost in this universe.
- The in-laws said there were a dozen other doors at the end of the universe. I waved my hand and others appeared. In the record, schismed souls, gray kids, and box mans had made other doors to exit the universe.
- I talked to Bart's Dad and asked for records of their beginning. He said he was not aware of any. In the record, it makes no sense that I can do what I can do.

27th - The DEM space is contaminated. In the record, it would explain the attacks that I could not find.

28th - A quick practice run, but this time I looked at the timeline prior to take off. The timeline was on the ground. I asked Ibol's remnant to raise it and it was still on the ground. In the record, the path you choose is the path you take.

29th - All avatar hacks are becoming amazing and bothersome. Oy vey.

30th - The Avatar of the weeks are the London witches. Thanks goes out to the golem confederation that stayed for 9 weeks.

2019 September 2019 - grammar 
2023 February 19 - redid the intro for iPhones 
2023 August 27 - changed male to female, change font, reposted pics

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