Sunday, September 29, 2019

2019 September - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...  

"The door is open. Please enter." The Door at the end of the universe

3rd - More practice on DEM stilts. In the record, the lower rail is hits the high rail making a shrieking sound. In the record, the more I am aware of the DEM world the more sound I begin to hear.

4th - More practice on DEM stilts that are railing. 

5th - Two keys is the advice I was given for my current stall. I ask the Door what do you do to let someone in. She said, "I think about it, then open." 
In the record, I am so close to stilts or I think I am. I never know.

6th - The ratio to step to height is 1:2.  So if I am 100ft in the air, I'll step 50 f/s which is about 35 mph. In the record, I should need no additional protection when traveling at that speed. 
- DEM stilts are going to be hard to do. In the record, Mary Poppins will not be happening right away.  
- I am hearing more sounds of the DEM world. The longer I work in the DEM world the more sound that are created? In the record, there is one other person working with DEM in the world now. I check the globe to see who was working with DEM. 
- When it does happen, I want to open a school for the Dark Arts. Get it. Dark Energy and Matter will be taught in the Dark Arts school.

8th - I started to throw out the in-laws because of an event. The Door obliged me by throwing them back out of this universe.

 10th - Just finished with Oakland airport TSA, I climbed the stairs to look at the flight board since my paper printout boarding pass has no gate number. I looked and saw gate 10 on the board. I looked at a second one and it also said gate 10. I thought to myself that it was odd, I never left from that side of the airport. In the end, I missed my flight to Santa Ana airport, but I got on the next one. In the record, I wish they would just tell me that I will be taking the next flight instead of making me look dumb. Oh well. 
- I also lost my ATM card at the airport and had to play for food with cash. In the record, it hard to track where I am when I pay for cash.
- I stopped using a pillow. A pillow is too warm for my head. 
- On the flights, Climb practice making stilts at the height of a commercial airplane.

14th - Out with Jon, Jason, and the avatar of the day were doing De-ox raids. At the last raid, at twenty-some boy and his friend walked by our raid party, The boy stopped, turned, and wanted to see the rig of four phones. 

"Cool devices. What's you playing? Oh, Pokemon Go. Have fun role playing." 
"What does he mean by role playing?"

In the record, Bart and his friend were checking up on me. I should had been at the raid but I had the avatar of the day go instead of me because I had other plans which coincided with the raid time. 
In the record, I need to stop playing David Hallsted and do the Life Coach of the Solar System.

15th - Practiced DEM stilt walking on the ground during the Pokemon Go community day. It went fine. In the record, syncing multiple people while doing normal walking has taken a while.

16th - Things are not going well. The very thing I avoided I must now add to make DEM stilts. In the record, I have not avoided it, just did not think about it.
- Lots of timeline threads to see what is what. In the record, the blue thread only works to join the most recent to the 2nd most recent.

19th - The God of War was denied access to my flat. I need to talk to the Door. In the record, it was weird to be sitting inside the kitchen and seeing War trying to enter. They open the screen but closed it right away. They then walked off to the side out of my view. Moments later, they came back after they switch the soul residing in them. Wow! It works. Thanks Door, though I talked to the Door about letting War enter.  

21st - Oh right, I see the path around the kitchen table. Everything else is in place.
But how do I put my foot on the path. Brown Earth matter push us to the Earth. (typed push by mistake, but no mistake). Ok, so Brown Earth matter directs the push.
What is pushing?

Side comments are from Earthweek by Steven Newman

22nd - Good work was done by the Central American weather group, the Weather Bandits. Hurricane Lorena had no major damage to complete their work. In the record, they are sorry about the father and son drowning.
- Okay, this may sound absurd, but if 95% of the universe is DEM, then 5% is physical matter. The only thing stopping me from walking on stilts is increasing my DEM to 96%.
Basically I have to increase the DEM to be more buoyant. How many times have I stated that we live at the bottom of the ocean of energy, the Great Flood.
- The best way to get more DEM is to use those lovely spiral vortices we all have, our chakras. In the record, you will need someone working the tether to your balloon. More on that later.

- I keep reminding Climb and Terra that while I am in my flat, I cannot fly away. I have a ceiling above me. In the record, I now understand why they were hanging on to my legs.

23rd - Dibs on the name "School of the Dark Arts". In the record, when I finally walk, which is still a maybe, I will negotiate with local schools to open a department on DEM, Dark Energy and Matter.

2D Close up of a DEM accelerator, two four sided pyramids tip to tip

26th - My left forearm burns in sunlight. It done it for several days now and I had no clue what was going on. In the record, the DEM accelerator is sentient, wanting to be used.

27th - My dreams are fire. It's all around me and I am thirsty. In the record, I paid a visit to the fire realm?...dimension?..the place the fire folks hang out. We had things to talk about. The avatar of the day felt the affects of me being there. Next time I need to schedule the visit for the weekend so I can have a good sleep for work the next day.

28th - It's now a waiting game. The layers are on and filling up. I been told it will be a gradual process. At the end, I will feel different. I have to remain in my body for the filling process.

29th - I left my flat to go to a nearby Pokemon Go gym raid. As I walked, my feet moved faster and lighter. In the record, if I concentrate, I can hear the grinding of a spiral rotating around my crown chakra.
- I stare at the Sun through the walls of my flat. I am trying to see which direction the tree is sticking out of the Sun. In the record, the Solar System is the roots of the tree.

2019 September 29 - never use snipping tools to cut and paste
2019 September 30 - fixed more of the snipping tool errors 
2019 October 2 - add God of War and door link
2023 February 19 - redid the intro for iPhones 
2023 November 5 - change font, reposted pics

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