Wednesday, September 25, 2019

DEM - Making a Walking Bubble

"With perseverance, you will do it." Bart

First  flight
This post will be a list of different tries to make a Dark Energy & Matter, DEM, balloon around me and my crew to use Earth stilts to walk in the air, a.k.a. the sea of energy we live in. I need to increase my buoyancy to float in the that sea of energy to use Earth stilts.

Remember, what I use will behave in a manner different for you than me.
We are all different.

Note the current set up is beginners. J.C. only needed a golem.  Another post will explain the crew setup, which took awhile.
- Shoulder avatar, her name is Donna from Ibol
- Golem I stand on their shoulder, her name is Climb
- Security check, her name is Terra, a dog person. They are the shoulder avatar of the golem and have their nose in my butt. In the record, I am startled every time Terra puts her nose in my butt, but every person has a unique smell. It's a one to one. In the record, she likes my smell.

Making the balloon: Material selection
Sept 22nd 
- Red and blue bubble failed
In the record, I was excited and just wanted to try anything so I picked the material to hold or origin Pandora box. I needed to stop and think about it.

Sept 26th
Single layer bubbles:
- Both Brown Earth mixed with Green Earth energy bubble failed.
- Brown Earth bubble failed
- Green Earth energy bubble failed
In the record, my soul is composed of Ibol and Gaia energy which immediately popped the bubbles.
- Gaia,yellow, and Ibol, orange planet bubble succeeded. In the record, the bubble encompasses all the crew.
Now to fill it. Looking at the different planet gravitates will give me a selection of different DEM to fill the bubble. Note that Venus, the land of human soul parents, a.k.a. soul creators, is just a little lighter than Earth's gravity. I will start with that. I just need to lift off, not take off.

Gravity of Planets and Sun

Use my crown chakra, biggest spiral vortex I have to fill the bubble.
Used an accelerator, Star of David, to fill the bubble quicker. It insert at the base of the crown chakra. In the record, I maybe the only person with one of these. I'll see how hard they are to make to distribute them out.
I filled the bubble via my shoulder avatar who has connections to Venus, the land of my soul parents.
It fill up to my lower legs and never got higher. In the record, my bubble started to eat the Venus matter. Time to line the bubble.

Multi-layers bubbles:
- Gaia yellow with Ibol orange, lined with Wiggle energy, then a third liner of Brown Earth energy. It worked. In the record, you can stretch out your hands and feel the bubble and move it.

Started filling and the crew's personal bubbles popped. In the record, I did not know they needed one. I forget they are made of energy, therefore easily affect by energy, but they were okay with the current setup.
It fill up to the top, then my DEM Dave, tried to condense the Venus energy and the bottom blew out. In the record, my DEM self and I had a talk about not helping. Thanks anyway.
Summary - Venus matter seem doable, but look at that top picture. The balloon is huge compare to the human. And there is the crew I need to consider. More later.

Sept 27th
Single layer bubble: 
- Venus matter popped. In the record, slowly dissolves.
Multi-layer bubble: 
- Venus, water, then Earth matter pop, pop. popped. In the record, Earth can not be against me. 

The DEM balloon layers are Gaia (yellow), Ibol (orange), Earth (green), Venus (blue), Mars (red) and Mercury (pink).
Sept 28th: 
- The I placed a balls Gaia, Ibol, and Mercury in left hand and balls of Earth, Mars, and Venus. I slammed them together and fused them into one ball. I place the ball on me and let it grow to the size of an enormous weather balloon. The balloon held its shape for around 28 seconds then came crashing down around my body.  In the record, the balloon was expanded out to inspect for defects. The balloon shell surrounds my body and needs to be filled with a variety of DEM.

Balloon filling: Grinding stage
The bed pic above is the main location for filling the balloon.Often I lay sideways and pass out as the shoulder avatar holds my crown chakra watching streams of Mercury (pink), Mars (red), Sun Tree (yellow), and Ibol (white) stream down my crown chakra. 
The streams hit the chakra base where the Accelerator was placed. He, the Accelerator, funnels the stream on all sides to fill the balloon. In the record, filling has to be a gradual process because I change both in DEM and in the physical.
October 6 - The balloon is now breast high.

October 9:
The balloon is done and filled. Filled is the layers between the layers.
Now it's time to adjust to it.
Next, time to fill the bubble inside where I am in.

November 10:
The balloon is done. I keep burping as a relieve valve for the balloon.
The decision awaits.

Update: 2019 September 27 - grammar
- 2019 September 29 - never use snipping tools to cut-n-paste
- 2019 November 30 - I need to be in my body to harden the balloon.
2020 May 25 - Well this is a bust for now. There was no agreement between the races to have this happen. And I understand why, so we must wait.

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