Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Particle Avatar: Double Slit Particle Phenomenon

"We await your orders." DEM Particle Avatar

During the shelter in place order, I binge watched at home lots of different shows. One show, The National Geographic , Cosmos: Possible Worlds - "A Tale of Two Atoms", had a phenomenon regarding the particle double slit experiment. If observed the particles behave as a particle and form a slit pattern (top pic) . If unobserved, the particles behave as a wave, which results in an interference pattern (bottom pic).

When the slit experiment was on, I watched and paused the show. Rewound it and watched it again. I then said,

"That's easy. It's follows the "once touched, always in touched" DEM law."

In the record, the space within the particle resides DEM stuff, which obeys the once touched law.

I know it sounds simplistic, but that is why it works.
The majority of the human race are unconscious DEM, Dark Energy & Matter, users.
Ah, when you turn it on and become a conscious DEM user, then 95% of the universe is now open to you.
Those particles want your guidance and freely do your bidding.
In the record, freewill exist even on the very minute scale.

In the record, when I raise my hand to open the record to examine the particle phenomenon. The Particle avatar placed their hand on mine and I mentally heard:

Which one do you want? Slit or entanglement?
Slit please.

In the record, all of DEM has a voice, even the very minute.

Also, the quantum entanglement phenomenon works because the two particles have a very thin DEM line connecting them to each other.

That conversation went as follows:
I raised my hand to open the record, and asked:

Will I understand it?

In the record, I was mentally encourage to record the conversation.

Update: 2020 April 15 - grammar

2020 November 2 - For DEM, the entanglement travels at the speed of DEM. I will use my conversation with a Sun Avatar as an example. One sunny day, I walked out of my flat and looked up at the sunny sky and said, "What a beautiful Sun." Within an instant, the Sun avatar replied, "Thank you." 

We know that it takes light more than 8 minutes to travel from the Sun to the Earth. Yet, to converse with a Sun avatar was an instant. I guess you can call it DEM entanglement. I still prefer, "once touched, always in touch".
2023 August 9 - changed font, reposted pic

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