Thursday, April 30, 2020

Avatar Dialogue: Rachel Maddow

"Rachel speaks the truth for all to hear." Rachel's soul parents

Meat plant become COVID-109 hotspots after poor handling.
The avatar dialogue starts around the 6 seconds into the video.

I pressed play to watch a recording of the Rachel Maddow news show. Sudden, she spontaneously spoke in a different tone and mannerism, then her previous dialogue. In the record, her soul parent wanted to have a word with the human race. Below is the avatar dialogue between Rachel and her soul parent.

"It's important to know that even though the CDC and OSHA has now put out guidelines for meat processing plants..."
"Da, da, da. they just came out yesterday. Why did they wait so long?"
"I don't know, but..."

I finally heard from her voice, her shoulder avatar, when he did the avatar dialogue. As with the avatar hands, her parent on Venus inserted his face in the interface bubble, which in turn imposed Rachel's shoulder avatar on to her face over to do avatar dialogue. In the record, as I wrote the post, both of her parent were looking in and correcting me. Thanks for your help.

Typically, avatar dialogue has four characteristics: spontaneous, third person language, different voice tones, and different mannerisms. Also, the human is unaware of their dialogue with their avatar because of the seamless nature of the conversation. Once you know what to look for, you will notice avatar dialogue in all parts of human society and in online videos.

There is an interesting story regarding the Rachel's crooked mouth. In Venus, there is a group of Venusian who all have a crooked mouth. In the record, we are made in the image and likeness of our soul parents.

2020 May 1 - added the dialogue. 
2020 November 6, 22 - grammar, added definition of avatar dialogue, grammar
2023 July 25 - changed font, reposted pic 

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