Sunday, December 13, 2020

Avatar Dialogue - MSNBC News Reports and Guest

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For some reason, MSNBC had a bunch of avatar dialogue recently. So here you go.

What to look for when a voice does avatar dialogue with their human:
- spontaneous 
- third person language
- different voice tones 
- different mannerisms
- the human has no clue it happened
On the avatar's side, the avatar inserts their face and arms into the viewing bubble and speaks their words through their human's mouth and arms. An example of an avatar using a viewing bubble is in the Avatar Hands: Dr. Rice's Miracle Hands post.
In the descriptions of the video I put in the times of the avatar dialogue.
See if you can figure out when it happens before you read the times. 
Some of them are obvious, while others are subtle. 
In the record, I always check with the avatar prior to posting the video.
Remember, avatar dialogue is common and can be found everywhere.

I made a channel just for avatar dialogues because there are so many of them. I plan to release a bunch more soon. 

2020 December 19 - added an example of an viewing bubble
2021 January 28 - grammar
2021 March 24 - moved videos to its own channel
2021 April 13 - added link to channel
2023 July 25 - changed font

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